Want to flourish philanthropic strategies within your organisation? The Conseil is here to help!

The Conseil has teamed up with various partners on the initiatives below, designed to guide arts organizations in expanding their knowledge and developing fundraising campaigns. These initiatives also foster a culture of philanthropy within the Montréal arts community.

Fiscal sponsorship

This component of the General Funding Program provides arts organizations with the opportunity to solicit donations from the community as a third party fundraiser for the Conseil. The organizations’ fundraising activities increase the Conseil’s ability to financially support the arts.

Lunch & Learn: Philanthropy

This support offer will be on hiatus in autumn 2023.

Lunch & Learn: Philanthropy sessions are roundtable discussions, talks and workshops to help managers, directors, volunteers and cultural workers learn about different types of fundraising campaigns and tools to attract and mobilize donors and volunteers.

Parcours: two programs

Cultural philanthropy internships

This program allows an arts management or philanthropic management student to work in a cultural organization for a paid internship of up to six months. The goal is to provide an initial cultural philanthropy work experience and foster professional development. The student will be supervised by their university and the internship will be included in their university program. This program is financially supported by the Caisse Desjardins de la Culture and benefits from pedagogical support from HEC Montréal and Université de Montréal. To see the latest interns and internships, click here.

Professional field trip in philanthropy

This program is a pilot project designed to create a career path for a cohort of cultural workers who are permanent residents of Quebec, between 18 and 35 years old, and are responsible for fundraising activities within their organisation. The program aims to:

  • set up meetings with cultural institutions, philanthropy experts and philanthropy groups outside of Montréal
  • align with philanthropic practices outside Montréal
  • help develop the professional network of philanthropy interns and cultural workers in Quebec
  • enable the professional Montréal philanthropy community to draw parallels with another Canadian arts and culture philanthropic ecosystem, taking into account the socio-historical context and policies supporting the arts

Communities of practices

Co-development groups

In partnership with the Conseil, the Conversations philanthropiques en culture co-development groups enable you to learn how to help and be helped in problem-solving. Each participant takes it in turns to talk about a problem they’ve experienced, and receives sound advice from a group of peers in a climate of trust, respect and mutual support.

Regroupement un acte en Théâtre

This alliance of 19 theatres in Montréal and Quebec City comes together to collectively reflect on individual gifts to cultivate and promote this type of philanthropy among its audiences. With support from the Conseil, the group meets monthly for workshops, training, and discussions on best practices and collaborative work related to various philanthropy issues and more specifically, how to grow individual donations.


Jazz Creation Grant

The Conseil is offering two grants of $5,000 through a private gift (one for an emerging musician) to create, produce or present a jazz work. This grant provides support for artists, artists’ collectives or non-profit organizations.

Mécènes investi·e·s pour les arts grants

The Mécènes investi·e·s pour les arts is a group of professionals committed to artistic cultural development. Each patron contributes $500 in private gifts every year to create these grants, for a minimum total amount of $15,000 supporting Montréal’s next generation of artists.

Mécènes investi·e·s pour les arts grants

1 / 5
Andrea Peña & Artists, Chambre noire, compagnie de création & DC – Art Indisciplinaire
Hamie Robitaille for the BEATS project, Troupe Imagicario for the Les triplets de Nullpa project and Claire Renaud for the Sportriarcat project
Marzia Pellissier, Danielle Fagen, La Fratrie, Théâtre Déchaînés and Baharan Baniahmadi
Roxane Halary for the project "Sounds synthetic hello hi", Audrey Bergeron for the project "Verso" and Mireille Camier for the project "Bluff".
Sofia Blondin

Additional funding with La Ruche

As part of its partnership with La Ruche, the Conseil supports Montréal-based cultural organizations that choose to crowdfund their projects. Once a crowdfunding campaign has been approved and raises its first $1,000, the Conseil will transfer an additional $500 to the campaign promoter, conditional on achievement of the campaign’s overall objective. Participants also benefit from La Ruche’s expert advice and other services.


La Machinerie des arts, with the CAM’s support, created new tools to help cultural organizations develop their community philanthropic activities. Drawing on its experience in creating practical, accessible and inclusive tools, La Machinerie has once again mobilized a team of toolmakers made up of cultural managers specializing in philanthropy to pool their expertise in the sector. Their presence at several working meetings helped to identify and optimize the content of these new tools, which are essential to the development of an organizational philanthropic culture.

Tool creator: Morgane De Bellefeuille
Pedagogue: Ingrid Vallus
Publisher: Ariel Lefebvre
Toolmakers: Pierre-Marie Audard, Amélie Aumont, Laureen Bardou, Anne-Flore de Rochambeau, Karla Étienne, Jean-Pierre Primiani


Accessing the tools (in French only)

To access everything in the Machinerie’s Toolbox, simply join the Machinerie community then create an online account, all via their website and all free of charge. Refer to the Toolbox’s technical guide or visit the Machinerie’s website for details on how to proceed.

With nearly 300 strategic, practical, accessible and inclusive tools to improve management of artistic projects and cultural organizations, this platform provides professional frameworks for planning, organizing and simplified management in the area of culture.

Check them out
Accompagnement 3

Tools (in French only)

Checklist for developing a culture of philanthropy
Philanthropic business model matrix
Identifying local communities
Philanthropic action plan
Philanthropic argument
Database model including philanthropy
Donors recognition


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