Our mission

Our raison d’être : the artistic vitality of Montreal

The Conseil des arts de Montréal scouts, guides, supports and recognizes the creation, production and presentation of professional arts in Montreal.

Our vision

Contribute to enhancing Montreal’s reputation as a major cultural metropolis of the world, recognized both here and elsewhere for its artistic vitality, inclusiveness and ability to innovate.

Our values

Our five core values are true beacons that light the way for all of our decisions and actions.


Parity, representation, balance


Openness to difference and risk-taking


Preference for developing original initiatives and the ability to measure the results and adapt in real time


Accessibility, presence in the field, attentiveness, talent scouting


Clarity and objectivity of evaluation criteria, rigour of decision-making processes, free flow of information and decisions, sound governance

Mission 9

Our employees embody our values

Watch them talk about it with passion (in French only).

Mission 8

Our actions

Scouting potential. Guiding talent. Supporting efforts. Recognizing audacity. The Conseil does more than give out grants. It is a true pillar of the arts community, bringing together our artistic, municipal and business sectors, and driving artistic creation in Montreal.

Regardless of your artistic discipline or activity, we can help bring your project to fruition. Strengthen your organization. Hone your skills. Promote your event. Do a residency. Acquire the tools you need to earn the recognition you deserve.