The collective À Deux Roux has an impact!


December 16 2022


Diffusion / Recipient



Le Collectif À Deux Roux lauréat de la résidence Impact!

Perdre du temps, gagner le monde is a research project involving acrobatic bicycles. It is a scenographic, intellectual adventure that brings together a group of acrobatic cyclists to explore the unknown. What if the stage starts turning too? What if they stop accelerating? What if they slow down? Is speed at all costs really necessary? What do we lose by constantly trying to save time?

The À Deux Roux collective, led by Guillaume Doin, was formed around the creation project Life-Cycle!, a show co-produced with the DynamO Théâtre company in 2019. During this creation, the collective explored interactions among puppetry, circus arts and the theatre of acrobatic movement. Today, the collective wants to broaden its approach through new research. While not losing sight of its fundamental founding elements—the hybridization of the arts and magical realism—this research will push new boundaries for the collective.

In addition to the $15,000 creation grant from the Conseil and 40 hours of access to its studios, the artists’ collective will receive five days with technical support in the theatres of three of the partners, The 7 Fingers, Cirque Éloize and TOHU. En piste will also provide 20–40 hours of tailored support.