FAR wins the first ever Vivats Award – Boldness in Art


June 18 2024


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FAR remporte le tout premier Prix Vivats - Arts et audace

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Montréal, June 18, 2024 –  The Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM) and the Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsable (CQEER) held the Vivats Award – Boldness in Art ceremony this afternoon. The $10,000 prize was awarded to Léa Philippe, General Manager of the FAR Festival des arts de ruelle. This award celebrates innovation and commitment to environmentally responsible practices in the Montréal arts community, highlighting unique initiatives that pave the way for new sustainable practices in the arts sector. 

Winner of the Vivats Award – Boldness in Art: Le Festival des arts de ruelle 

FAR stands out as a non-profit organization offering a rich and diverse cultural program that highlights innovative arts projects in Montréal’s alleys. Rooted in its community, the FAR aims to make art accessible to everybody by bringing it to the heart of working-class neighbourhoods. Founded on values of accessibility and interaction, the FAR turned the city’s alleys into ephemeral art scenes, bringing art into Montréal’s neighbourhoods, promoting social ties and revitalizing urban communities. 

The FAR is proactive and takes various environmentally responsible approaches. This includes selecting local, eco-responsible suppliers, taking measures to reduce their environmental footprint such as eliminating single-use plastics, and promoting the use of recycled materials, especially for printing. The FAR is dedicated to raising awareness of sustainable lifestyles by proposing initiatives such as compost collection and encouraging ecological transportation.  

On top of its artistic impact, the FAR is also mobilizing communities as they make the ecological transition.

Montréal: a culture geared toward the ecological transition 

The CQEER and CAM are committed to supporting cultural events, artistic venues and audiovisual productions by promoting inspiring examples of sustainable practices and offering a platform for exchange and collaboration. This year once again demonstrated how cultural diversity and artistic vitality are guiding the Montréal arts scene toward the ecological transition.  

Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables (CQEER) 

The Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsable, a Réseau des femmes en environnement organization, facilitates and supports eco-responsible events in Quebec. CQEER has also contributed to Scène écoresponsable, Artist Citizens on Tour (ACT) and Sustainable Film Sets. 

Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM) 

Through its various forms of assistance, the Conseil des arts de Montréal supports artistic innovation and creative expression in all its diversity, with the aim of promoting Montréal’s artists, producers and presenters. Since 1956, the Conseil has played a unique role as a catalyst for this artistic ecosystem, helping make Montréal one of the world’s great cultural metropolises.   

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Antsa Rabesahala 
Engagement Manager 
Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables