The CAM en tournée is back for its 41st season!


May 28 2024


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Montréal, May 28, 2024 – The Conseil des arts de Montréal (Conseil), in partnership with the Maisons de la culture de Montréal and the Association des diffuseurs culturelles de l’île de Montréal (ADICÎM), is proud to announce the launch of the latest CAM en tournée season. From June 1, 2024 to May 31, 2025, residents of 19 boroughs in Montréal and nine participating cities will be able to discover 79 selected works free of charge or at minimal cost. This edition promises an artistic explosion that will delight all audiences throughout the Island of Montréal. 

CAM en tournée is back in force this year with 422 performances and events at a budget of nearly two million dollars. Artistic diversity is once again to the fore with 79 creations sure to amaze the senses. The programming also promises some special treats! Highlights include Marguerite à bicyclette, a circus company that made history by winning both the Audience Award and the Jury Prize at the 38th Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal. There will be ample opportunity to discover their talents during eight shows this season. 

A number of prestigious collaborations will help spread the artistic magic throughout the island. The Orchestre Métropolitain will delight music lovers with 15 concerts, including its flagship event at the foot of Mount Royal on August 6. In addition, the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal will take the public on a musical journey with outdoor performances at Beaconsfield and the Olympic Park Esplanade on August 14. The public will also be treated to 18 performances of Repercussion Theatre’s latest work, Shakespeare-in-the-Park: Infinite Variety. 

“The 41st season of the CAM en tournée celebrates our continued commitment to the vitality and diversity of the Montréal arts scene. This year, we broaden our horizons with inspiring works and exceptional collaborations, while promoting the circulation and discovery of our artists’ works. Every performance, concert and exhibition is an opportunity for Montrealers to come together to enjoy unique and memorable cultural experiences.”, said Nathalie Maillé, Executive Director of the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

By presenting the shows in popular and unusual spaces, the Conseil and its partners underscore their commitment to reaching new audiences and fulfilling core values such as accessibility, sharing, openness and inclusion. 

Starting in June, the public is invited to discover the latest CAM en tournée programming throughout the Island of Montréal. From Maisons de la culture to libraries and even unusual outdoor venues such as churches, markets, alleys and parks, you could come across amazing performances and events near you. 

The CAM en tournée’s artistic offering is carefully selected by peer committees who showcase contemporary artistic productions based on the richness of each discipline, guaranteeing high-quality programming. These multi-disciplinary works are designed to captivate audiences of all ages, promising a rich and varied cultural experience. 

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CAM en tournée

The CAM en tournée is a key dissemination program for the cultural community, made possible through the collaboration of the Maisons de la culture de Montréal and the Association des diffuseurs culturels de l’Île de Montréal (ADICÎM). For  more than 40 years, the program has focused on circulating works from various artistic disciplines throughout the Island of Montréal while enabling artists to meet new audiences and reach the public in their neighbourhoods.

About the Conseil des arts de Montréal

Offering various forms of guidance and support, the Conseil des arts de Montréal supports artistic innovation and creative expression in all its diversity to promote Montréal artists and production and dissemination organizations. It plays a unique role as a catalyst for the artistic ecosystem. Since 1956, it has been helping make Montréal a major cultural metropolis, recognized at home and abroad for its artistic vitality.

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Founded on principles of democracy and equity, the Maisons de la culture makes arts and culture accessible to Montrealers of all circumstances and backgrounds. Together with their local partners, they invite their communities to participate in the local cultural life and contribute to the vitality of neighbourhoods, making Montréal an inclusive cultural metropolis.

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The Association des diffuseurs culturels de l’Île de Montréal (ADICÎM) is actively involved in the dissemination of arts in the 11 reconstituted municipalities on the Island of Montréal that make up its members. It is a non-profit network where ideas are exchanged and resources and experiences can be shared. ADICÎM members present various artistic events in all fields. This association draws on territorial affinities, socio-demographic realities and technical infrastructures to offer the public artistic diversity.

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