Study to examine the changing shape of arts organizations


August 24 2021


The Conseil



Arts organizations take on a range of structures. Little studied and largely unfamiliar to most, these structures nevertheless reflect how artists act, explore, share and think in relation to art in society.

Université de Montréal professor Phillipe Barré is currently leading a study1Le mouvement des arts, which explores the new forms of artist groups and associations in Montréal as the arts community adjusts to the new reality. His study focuses on gaining a better understanding of the transformations and experimental initiatives that Montréal arts organizations are undertaking. As a partner in this project, the Conseil des arts de Montréal wishes to take stock of these changes to rethink its support measures and adapt them to the new structures of arts organizations.

More specifically, the study seeks to identify and better understand how these new forms take shape and the reasons behind them. Its underlying premise is that arts organizations have changed significantly in a relatively short time, experiencing a major shift in how artists collaborate, share and operate as a community.

Starting in August, the research will involve approximately 30 case studies based on in-depth interviews with the people behind these structures.
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Philippe Barré
Associate Professor
Faculty of Arts and Science – School of Industrial Relations
Université de Montréal


1 This study receives funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), through the Individual Partnership Engagement Grant (SEP) – COVID-19 Special Initiative Program.