Recipients under the Prospecting component of The Road to Art have been chosen!


December 19 2022


Recipient / Diffusion



Coop Ludotek-art - Crédit_Damian Siqueiros

Coop Ludotek-art_- Crédit_Damian Siqueiros

Launched last June, this brand-new program was designed to support organizations and collectives interested in exploring potential international residency partnerships. To promote the activation of artistic practices, exploration of different cultural realities and connections with countries associated with Montréal’s various diasporas, this initiative combines all the Conseil’s international residency programs in a single program with two components, Prospecting and Partnership.

Eight organizations or collectives will participate in the first edition of component 1 by supporting efforts to prospect potential residency partners who will share $40,000.


Studio 303

Southeast Asia residency development project

This project will let Studio 303 set up a series of long-term residencies in Southeast Asia.

Coop Ludotek-art

Two-way dialogue project: Coopérative Ludotek-Art–Teatro La Rendija

This exploratory work with partners in Yucatan, Mexico, seeks to create a two-way dialogue in artistic creation.

Cité des arts du cirque 

Asia–Montréal circus residencies project
Circus arts

TOHU will visit contemporary circus partners in Japan and Taiwan to explore the possibility of launching international circus residency exchanges or even of incorporating CAR circus residencies into the Asian network.

Regroupement des Arts de Rue du Québec

RAR prospecting project in France
Street arts

RAR would like to undertake a 10-day prospecting mission within the outdoors creation community in France. This visit will allow us to meet with a number of street art creation organizations, exploring residency opportunities for members while playing a part in developing the creation project.

Gallery B-312 

Tunis–Montréal cross-residency project
Visual arts

In collaboration with artist Mohamed Ben Soltane, the gallery will visit four current art exhibition centres in Tunis and one in Sousse, as well as the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Tunis to develop a residency program enabling Quebec artists to visit Tunisia and Tunisian artists to visit Montréal.

The Visual Arts Centre (VAC) and Avataq Cultural Institute

Circumpolar Cross-Residency Project
Visual arts

Avataq and the Visual Arts Centre would like to offer an Inuk artist from Nunavik the opportunity to travel to northern Norway under a residency exchange program with a partner organization from the circumpolar region. An artist chosen by the partner organization will also come to the Centre and visit Nunavik with Avataq.

Festival international de projection illusionniste de Montréal

MAPP MTL Montréal–Asia cross-residency project
Digital arts

The festival will be prospecting in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul and Ho Chi Minh City to find partners for a cross-residency between these cities and Montréal.

Fondation Jeunesse Noire

Afro-diasporic knowledge sharing project
Visual arts

The project aims to reach visual arts collectives, community organizations and galleries in Accra, Ghana, to identify potential partners for a West African residency. This residency is for Montréal artists of African descent.

Best of luck to all recipients in their efforts!