Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal




Since 1985, the Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal has recognized the excellence of a Montreal artistic organization and its remarkable achievements and highlights the artistic vitality of creators from Montreal. The winner is revealed during the annual Grand Prix luncheon held in March. It brings together over 700 representatives from the municipal, business and arts communities.

The finalists are selected in December by the evaluation committees; the winner is chosen from among them by an outside jury composed of well-known Montrealers and the Chair of the Conseil. This is an important recognition for arts organizations.

Every year,  Montreal philanthropists generously offer a $5,000 bursary. The winner receives a $30,000 bursary, as well as a work of art by a Montreal artist commissioned by the Conseil. Another great way to encourage creation!

The list of winners since 1985 provides an impressive look at the quality of our artistic organizations, which have contributed to defining the culture that permeates our city today: creative, innovative and resolutely turned towards excellence.


Béatrice Noël
Project manager - Corporate Events
(514) 280-2931