Vision 2025: The Conseil des arts de Montréal presents its new Strategic Plan


September 28 2022


The Conseil


Press Release

Montréal, September 28, 2022 – The Conseil des arts de Montréal unveiled its 2025 Strategic Plan at its annual meeting on September 28.

Deloitte guided the Conseil through the strategic planning process, an intense, exciting experience that began earlier this year. It was an opportunity to take stock of progress made since the 2018–2020 Strategic Plan—marked by an unprecedented global pandemic—and to engage with internal teams, close collaborators and many representatives of the Montréal arts community. 

The same process revealed that, for the Conseil to break new ground while pursuing clear objectives, it must remain connected and engaged in ongoing, open and thought-provoking discussions with the various stakeholders in its ecosystem. The Conseil must act as a voice for the arts community, drawing attention to the key role of arts and culture and leading the community to action. The success of this plan depends on the collective capacity to financially support recipients with varied and replenished revenue streams while keeping administrative costs at optimal levels. This is no small feat.

Driven by its strong desire for recovery and rebuilding, the Conseil has seized post-pandemic opportunities to clarify its vision and priorities.

In 2025, the Conseil des arts de Montréal will be recognized as a leader and catalyst for an even more inclusive, sustainable and resilient ecosystem of arts communities for the benefit of the people of Montréal. To better represent Montréal’s artistic reality and diversity, the Conseil has set itself a major objective for 2025: to allocate 25% of its financial support to its priority clienteles in underrepresented groups.

To artists and organizations: this plan is your plan too. It is ambitious and realistic because Montréal needs your artistic vitality more than ever. When we talk about vitality, we’re also talking about diversity—of practices, forms, creators and audiences. Thanks to the teams that support us, our partners and our committees, we’re rising to the challenge with this Strategic Plan, which strengthens our values for an even stronger, more sustainable arts sector, said Nathalie Maillé, Executive Director of the Conseil.

Partner of Montréal 2030

The Conseil is a proud partner working in cooperation with the City of Montréal to implement the municipal Montréal 2030 Strategic Plan. It is the ideal organization to act on this overarching cultural priority: To support Montréal’s cultural vitality and creative core, including cultural industries, artists, creators and cultural workers, and their sustainability within its area.

The Conseil’s Strategic Plan must also align with the City’s priorities of improving solidarity, equity and inclusion; accelerating the ecological transition by supporting the circular and social economy; and boosting democracy and civic engagement, particularly through active involvement in reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

3 Major Strategic Pillars
The Conseil’s actions over the next three years will be guided by three main strategic pillars, each containing priority objectives.


Having an impact is a daily concern for the Conseil given its determination to stay in touch with the needs of artists and arts communities throughout the island of Montréal. To achieve this, the Conseil will continue to provide strong leadership based on the following five strategic priorities: equity and representativeness, strengthening of the creative core, proximity, eco-responsible transition and philanthropy.


The Conseil must be known, understood and recognized so that audiences can engage with it in complete confidence as a dynamic, committed partner of choice. The Conseil must enter new circles and attract new clienteles to ensure that its mission is clearly defined, its role is understood and its impact is documented and shared. Maintaining the organization’s influence and reputation, as well as promoting the arts, remain priorities.


The Conseil strives to remain an efficient organization, responding to client needs with renewed agility every day. Internally, the Conseil will focus on organizational effectiveness and work tools. Procedures and outcomes must be constantly assessed to ensure continuous improvement. The Conseil must also ensure that it has sufficient financial resources to fully meet its priorities, while diversifying its revenue sources to better support the creative core of Montréal.


With this plan, the Conseil intends to:

  • Continue to grow and position itself as a more efficient organization through its business procedures, organization of work, impact measurement and data validation.
  • Become a collaborative, effective organization in its approach to creating targeted partnerships and in leveraging the multiplier effect to do more, better and faster.
  • Make forward-thinking proposals as a greener, inclusive organization by taking its role as a trailblazer for the arts community seriously and develop a distinctive employer brand to become a more attractive organization with an innovative overall compensation plan.
  • Increase its visibility across the Island and broaden the conversation to include more artists, philanthropists and Montrealers.


Source :
Hugo Couturier
Director, Communications and Partnerships
Conseil des arts de Montréal

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