Two organizations begin creation-production residencies


March 17 2023


Recipient / Diffusion



Deux organismes entrent en résidence de création-production 1

Sediment narratif - La Quadrature et et Audiotopie - Crédit Nicolas Rochette

The Conseil des arts de Montréal, REPAIRE and La Chapelle Scènes contemporaines are pleased to announce the two organizations selected to take part in the creation-production residency in non-disciplinary artistic practices and to implement their projects.

In-hall component

Organizations: Baobab – Multidisciplinary creation

Project: A study into the resilience of our disasters

A study into the resilience of our disasters

This interdisciplinary writing project challenges our relationship to power dynamics, the imminent destruction of contemporary societies and cognitive dissonances. This project is rooted in the mechanisms and concerns of neurodivergent people, such as those who obsess with everything that is repetitive: music, texts, gestures and everyday life. It is through repetition that these people manage to create a map for understanding the capacitive systems in which they operate. How does the tool of repetition enable us to imagine new ways of existence? Since repetition means “return to the same”, as a form of stagnation, the idea is to think of it as fertile ground for imagining other paradigms, even if it appears to be counter-intuitive reasoning.

Le Baobab – Multidisciplinary creation

Le Baobab focuses on creating new forms and scenic writings through an interdisciplinary, decolonial and socially inclusive approach. It generally uses as a starting point a psychological mechanism of the human being or a mechanism of society and explores its impact on the individual and the collective. The codes of theatre, dance, performance, clowning, music, visual/plastic arts and sport are all tools for creating artistic objects while seeking to redefine the public’s place as a performer in the project rather than a passive spectator.

In situ component:

Organization: La Quadrature and Audiotopie co-creation

Project: Sédiment narratif at Sentier Urbain

Sédiment narratif

Sédiment narratif is at the confluence of storytelling, installation and sound, offering visitors the opportunity to experience voice and sound through the vibration of the ground. An underground audio broadcasting system enables people to stretch out on the ground, and to hear and feel the vibration of sound and voice.

Sédiment narratif imbues the public space, driven by a repositioning of the hierarchy of ecosystems at the top of which humans strive to reign. By reflecting on our perceptions, we build a critique of the power relations we have with our environment.

La Quadrature  

A research and creation organization in contemporary storytelling, La Quadrature visits mediums that update the spoken word. For their part, the Audiotopie artists and team design immersive sound works through in situ installations and audioguided tours. Having worked together on numerous projects, the two organizations won the NUMIX 2021 – Podcast fiction and experimental award for La plume de paon which has also been broadcast in Germany, England and France. Their creations are as digital as they are scenic and installative, using a combination of storytelling and sound art. By combining their strengths, La Quadrature and Audiotopie seek sound storytelling methods to address the critical issues facing our societies.

About the 2023 creation-production residency in non-disciplinary artistic practices

Offered in collaboration by the CAM, REPAIRE and La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, the creation and production residency in non-disciplinary artistic practices program offers an organization or collective of artists the opportunity to pursue the creation of an interdisciplinary work and produce it in the La Chapelle hall and at an in-situ site.

In addition to a $15,000 creation grant, the collectives will receive support from the Regroupement de pairs des arts indépendants de recherche et d’expérimentation (REPAIRE) and enjoy access to creation and rehearsal studios.

The residencies offer the ideal opportunity to pursue a research or creation project under optimal financial and technical conditions to encourage the emergence of works that seek to blur the boundaries between disciplines.