Three recipients for the 2021 MIA grants


December 8 2021


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The Mécènes investi-e-s pour les arts (MIA), Brigade Arts Affaires de Montréal (BAAM) and Conseil des arts de Montréal are delighted to announce the winners of the MIA grants for 2021. Created to encourage philanthropic activities that showcase Montréal’s creativity, the grants are awarded to emerging artists, artist collectives and arts organizations1 for a work of art whose creation and production have a positive impact on the community, the general public or their own artistic development.

Here are this year’s winning projects.

Claire Renaud will receive a $3,000 grant for Sportriarcat

Pairing dance with theatre, Sportriarcat is a project that explores rape culture and power relationships in our society by focusing on the world of sports and entertainment. It takes the form of an on-stage writing exercise carried out in close cooperation with the creators and actors. The entirely female team uses a “slow production” approach, where considerable attention is paid to the staging and to cast dialogue. The convergence of text, sound, video, performance and choreography allows the artists to capture all the complexity of this social issue and informs a nuanced reflection.

Hamie Robitaille to receive a $4,000 grant for BEATS

Combining contemporary dance, visual projections and sound creation, BEATS is both a performance and an artists’ collective. The project—a joint undertaking by Hamie Robitaille, Stefania Skoryna and Yuki Berthiaume, three emerging Montréal-based creators—uses interactive technologies as a dialogue engine. With the help of a connected stethoscope and stick, heartbeats become raw material for sound, the movement danced on stage with the stick determines the visuals, and the result influences the artistic process in turn, initiating a creative loop that explores the limits between disciplines.

The Imagicario troupe will receive $3,500 for The Triplets of Nullpa

Designed for public spaces of any kind, The Triplets of Nullpa stars three 4.2-metre puppets on stilts. More than just a passive show, The Triplets of Nullpa take over the spaces, sparking our collective imagination and forging spontaneous ties with spectators. First and foremost a one-of-a-kind encounter with some decidedly unusual characters, this ambulatory performance invites spectators to question what is possible and what divides fantasy from reality. The show’s non-verbal nature makes it accessible for audiences of any age, culture, language or socioeconomic background.

Our heartfelt congratulations to all the recipients! We look forward to seeing these wonderful projects come to life!

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1 Individuals 40 or under, or bodies that have been incorporated for seven years or less.