Three projects selected to receive ecodesign support


April 28 2021





Further to the call for applications put out in March 2021, the Conseil is pleased to announce that three artistic creation projects have been selected to receive support with their environmentally friendly design initiatives. The assistance and resources provided by Écoscéno will help the winning organizations reduce their environmental footprint at every step of the creation process.

Here are the winning organizations and projects.

Marguerite à bicyclette – Cirqu’Avélo

After years of touring the world with their circus performances, most notably with the show Cirkopolis by Cirque Éloize, Frédéric Lemieux-Cormier, Pauline Baud and Jérémy Vitupier have joined forces to form the “Marguerite à bicyclette” collective. Their objectives? To create and produce circus shows that give new life to second-hand materials and are carbon-neutral in their performance phase.

Motivated by their desire to create an environmentally friendly show, the trio have put together a project called Cirqu’Avélo that’s designed to be truly environmentally responsible, from concept to performance. The sets are made of reused materials and the costumes are produced with second-hand clothing. Combining circus arts and high-flying acrobatics, the show is also self-sufficient in terms of its energy requirements. In fact, a bicycle is used to generate the power needed for the performance, primarily in sound and lighting.

Le Moulin à Musique – Tableaux Musique

Under the direction of Marie-Hélène da Silva, Le Moulin à Musique explores an extensive musical repertoire. The troupe’s approach to creation and performance blends music with other art forms and presents entertaining theatrical productions that are both playful and educational. With its unique approach, it opens up new horizons for children and prepares their young ears to appreciate high-quality musical works.

Created in 2018, the show Tableaux Musique is a voyage into a world between dreams and reality where puppets, marionettes, paintings and objects come to life and interact with the young audiences. After several years of performances, the work is in need of new sets, both to enhance the children’s experience and to meet the needs of the artists.

Tenon Mortaise – La petite fille et le corbeau

Tenon Mortaise is an artistic research and creation company that creates, produces and presents theatre performances. Going beyond the traditional boundaries of the theatre, its interdisciplinary approach fosters contacts between artistic disciplines like mime, dance, puppetry, shadow play, visual arts and digital arts and encourages their cross-fertilization. Infused with poetry, its productions are geared to audiences of all ages.

La petite fille et le corbeau involves the creation and production of a show for children from 8 to 12 years old. It blends puppetry and its animated forms with the digital arts, comics and film animation. The show is a poetic adaptation of a contemporary tale by French director, playwright, author and educator Daniel Lemahieu.

Congratulations to all the winners! We wish you every success in your environmentally responsible creative processes!