The project La démagogie des dragons selected at the Théâtre des Écuries!


December 5 2022


Diversity / Diffusion / Recipient



Le projet La démagogie des dragons retenu pour la résidence de création pour la diversité culturelle en théâtre et pratiques artistiques non-disciplinaires

The collective led by Vincent Kim is the recipient of the research-creation residency for culturally diverse artists in theatre and non-traditional artistic practices for the project La démagogie des dragons.

This collective is comprised of four members of various origins: Tamara Nguyen, writer (French and Vietnamese); Dominick Rustam, actor and director (Russian-Kazakh); Vincent Kim, actor and musician of (Vietnamese, Korean and Quebecer); and Claudia Chan Tak, (Quebecer and Malagasy-Chinese).

In addition to receiving artists’ fees, the collective will receive professional mentorship and be able to carry out their project using the artists’ studios of the Conseil des arts de Montréal and the Théâtre Aux Écuries from December 2022 to June 2023.

Tamara Nguyen and Vincent Kim head off in search of their Vietnamese identity. Having both grown up in Quebec with no connection to their Asian heritage other than their love of pho and bánh  mì, the two artists will embark on a journey from Montréal’s Chinatown to the lively streets of Hanoi.

In a work that falls between documentary theatre and fiction, Tamara and Vincent will address the issues of uprooting and belonging. Can you identify with a territory on which you have never set foot? How do you define yourself when you carry both the blood of the colonizer and the colonized? What role does fiction play in building our identity?

The research-creation residency for culturally diverse artists in theatre and non-traditional artistic practices:

This residency is designed to help start or continue a project in theatre or non-traditional artistic practices. It aims to address the challenges and needs of culturally diverse Montréal artists by providing an opportunity to work in stimulating creative setting.

It is carried out in collaboration with the Théâtre Aux Écuries.