Prix des libraires 2023: unveiling of the finalists (youth)


November 25 2022


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Finalistes du Prix des libraires volet jeunesse

Prix des libraires 2023 : dévoilement des finalistes

Organized by the Association des libraires du Québec (ALQ), thanks to grants from the Conseil des arts de Montréal and with the support of its official presenters Marquis Imprimeur and Rolland et Laurentien, Prix des libraires du Québec | volet Jeunesse honours creators whose work has touched the imagination of the province’s booksellers, independent bookstores and school-based cooperatives, as well as chains. This prize is the delight of booksellers, as it highlights their essential role, which is to introduce and share their literary discoveries. Check for our stickers next time you’re at a bookstore! They identify the best books to gift, to others AND yourself!

Starting today, the above list of finalists is being electronically distributed to all Quebec booksellers who are asked to vote to elect one winner per stream. The eight winners will be honoured in February 2023 at a show hosted by Catherine Trudeau, and each of them will receive a work by artist Louis-Georges L’Écuyer.

Four grants, each valued at $3,000, will be awarded to the Quebec winners of the Prix des libraires du Québec | volet Jeunesse by the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

“Through this support for prizes in the youth category, we seek to set the stage for a beautiful and long-lasting passion for books among young readers from a very early age.”

Message from Nathalie Maillé, Executive Director of the Conseil des arts de Montréal