Je me vois à l’écran: screenwriting residency for Afro-descendant creators


February 23 2023


Diffusion / Recipient / Diversity



Je me vois à l’écran, des scénaristes afro descendant-e-s en résidence

BLACK on BLACK FILMS and the Conseil des arts de Montréal are proud to welcome Isnard Delice, Razan Elkhatib, Noncedo Khumalo and Stella Lemaine, laureates of the fourth Je me vois sur le écran screenwriting residency for emerging artists from Montréal’s Afro-descendant communities. This 20-week screenwriting residency is a creative lab that includes mentoring, master classes and participation in industry networking events. Filmmakers Jacob Potashnik, Ivy Yukiko Ishihara Oldford, Marilyn Cooke and Ky Nam Le Duc will advise the creators as they develop their short films.

Isnard Delice

Isnard Delice is a screenwriter and photographer with a diploma in film and television production from the Trebas Institute. The pandemic allowed him to focus on his writing, especially screenwriting. He addresses a variety of themes in his work.
“I want to write and direct stories that make you laugh and cry.”

Razan Elkhatib

Razan Elkhatib is a multidisciplinary artist with years of experience in writing and media production. In 2012, she earned a bachelor’s degree in multimedia in Sudan. Her creativity and drive to learn motivates her to continue developing her filmmaking skills. Razan moved to Montréal in 2019 and has been exploring different roles on set. She’s ready for any challenge

Noncedo Khumalo

Noncedo wants to explore Black diversity in her films. Her latest film, 100 Ghosts, was produced in collaboration with the NFB as part of its Hothouse Animation Apprenticeship program for emerging filmmakers. With roots in Eswatini, Botswana and Canada, she graduated from Concordia University’s Film Animation program. Her multicultural education influences her storytelling as she blends surreal and serene.

Stella Lemaine

Stella is a young multidisciplinary artist with Haitian roots who enjoys sharing her diverse background and talents. An actor by training, she has also started directing, taking part in the Black Film Festival’s Being Black in Montreal program. She directed her first documentary, Prendre sa lumière (2018), through this program. Being both an actor and a director doesn’t slow her down—rather, it motivates her even more. She wrote her first fictional script, Fiavoly (2022), following a two-month internship in Prague as part of UQAM’s summer film school.