Duceppe wins the 37th Grand Prix of the Conseil des arts de Montréal


April 6 2023


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Press Release

Duceppe remporte le 37e Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal !

Ben Marc Diendéré, Amélie Duceppe, David Laurin, Jean-Simon Traversy et Nathalie Maillé

The Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM) presented its 37th Grand Prix including a $30,000 grant to the Duceppe theatre company in front of an audience of 800 guests at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. The Jury Prize ($10,000), offered by Desjardins Caisse de la Culture, was awarded to JOAT international street dance festival. Finally, Cinéma Beaubien won the Prix du public Télé-Québec ($10,000). The eight finalist arts organizations each received a $5,000 grant, with the afternoon’s prizes totalling $90,000.

A tribute to the galvanizing power of the Montreal arts community

Effervescent host Édith Cochrane was joined by Nathalie Maillé, Executive Director of the CAM and President Ben Marc Diendéré, as well as 800 distinguished guests from the cultural, business and political spheres, including Minister of Canadian Heritage Pablo Rodriguez.

In 2022 once again, in front of a receptive audience from across the island, the artists set the stage on fire with their mature approaches, exhilarating performances and impactful proposals. Congratulations to the winning organizations and finalists! And thank you to those who make Montréal a city where art comes to life each day and has such an impact on our community.

Nathalie Maillé, Executive Director of the CAM

37th Grand Prix: Duceppe ($30,000)

Duceppe is a visionary company offering inclusive and bold programming that brings us together and reflects who we are. Combining environmentally responsible initiatives and strategies to reach audiences, this exceptional theatre is making progress on several fronts with efforts fully relevant to today’s era. At 50 years old, Duceppe embodies a true renaissance and unequivocally demonstrates that it is always possible to renew and reconnect. 

Jury Prize: JOAT international street dance festival ($10,000)

An exceptional showcase that has become a must-see event, JOAT international street dance festival brings urban dance and related arts to new audiences while respecting their codes and identities. By bringing the underground scene of different institutions together with boundless energy, passion and a lot of generosity, founder Handy Hyacinthe was awarded the special mention of the Jury Prize.

Prix du public Télé-Québec: Cinéma Beaubien ($10,000)

A neighbourhood-wide project, Beaubien has established itself as an essential player in the dissemination of cinema in Montréal for more than twenty years. Facing all-digital competition, it has revived the shared experience so dear to cinephiles, who returned in great numbers to the cinema in 2022. Because of its ability to connect with audiences, Cinéma Beaubien won this fully public vote. Some 7,068 people voted in the Prix du public Télé-Québec. 

Jury and selection criteria

The jury responsible for selecting the winning organizations for the Grand Prix and Jury Prize was chaired by Ben Marc Diendéré and included Claudia Chan Tak, multidisciplinary artist, Lolitta Dandoy, journalist and fashion columnist, Anne-Marie Hubert, managing partner for Eastern Canada at EY and Victor Pilon, co-artistic director at 4D ART and winner of the 36th Grand Prix. 

The criteria guiding the jury in determining the winner of the 37th Grand Prix were the following: innovation, uniqueness and authenticity of the artistic approach; the will to take action and desire to have an impact on the community; and the originality and relevance of strategies to reach audiences in Montréal or mobilize the target community.

The jury was to select the winning organizations from the eight finalists nominated for their artistic contribution in 2022: Cinéma Beaubien, Duceppe, the Festival de littérature jeunesse de Montréal, JOAT international street dance festival, Les Érotisseries (Productions Carmagnoles), Onishka, Salle Bourgie and Sight+Sound 2022 (Eastern Bloc). 

Valuable and essential contributions 

The Conseil warmly thanks its major partners whose significant support helps make this event a highlight in Montréal’s art scene: Télé-Québec, Desjardins Caisse de la Culture and La Presse.

A huge thank you also to our patrons for their generous donations that help support finalists and the performances showcased at the 37th Grand Prix: Anonymous, Bell, Luc Plamondon, Power Corporation of Canada, RBC, TELUS, Tourisme Montréal and YUL Montréal-Trudeau International Airport.