Digital art award finalists unveiled


April 22 2021





Les finalistes du Prix en art numérique dévoilés

In partnership with Prix NUMIX and Xn Québec, the Conseil is proud to announce the finalists for the Digital Art Award. For the first time ever, the winning artist will also receive a $5,000 grant from the Conseil.

This initiative rewards excellence in digital creativity and honours the unique artistic signature of independent creators. The selected projects must be original works of art that are the culmination of an artistic process and use of one or more technologies, such as:

  • virtual reality;
  • augmented reality;
  • mixed reality;
  • interactive sensors;
  • robotics;
  • artificial intelligence, etc.

The finalists being honoured will be invited to present their projects at the Composite #27 event, to be held on Thursday, April 29 at 5:30 p.m., with the Prix Numix gala taking place at the end of May. The projects under consideration are the following:

EVE 2050: The installation

Production: Van Grimde Corps Secrets and Jérôme Delapierre

An interactive installation combining video projections, an immersive audio environment and choreographic performances, EVE 2050 engages the public in an artistic, esthetic and ethical reflection on the evolution of human beings and human bodies at the dawn of the digital era.

The installation uses interactive panels and sculptures from artist Marilene Oliver’s work Family Portrait. In their gallery setting, they create digital environments that depict the many facets of Eve and bring spectators inside her world. Images are projected onto transparent panels along with those of exhibit guides and visitors, captured, transformed and re-projected in real time. Audio content triggered by artists and audiences also surprises spectators as they take in the work. Each spectator instantly becomes an actor in the story of Eve, transported to a parallel world by interactive technologies.

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Production: Agence TOPO and Sporobole

Initially an immersive virtual-reality work from artist Stéphanie Morissette, Méandres was later reimagined as an online experience. It takes spectators on a journey through the mysterious interconnected world of the brain’s white matter as they are surrounded by a labyrinth of fibre bundles, like a forest waiting to be explored.

Inspired by the research of brain imaging company Imeka, Méandres is a poetic milestone in the age of the human brain. Artist Stéphanie Morissette and author Pattie O’Green worked together to produce 24 visual and poetic fragments that are unveiled sporadically on social media. Over time, these elements are incorporated into their weblike work, taking us into the heart of an immersive and contemplative world originally created for virtual reality. This audio and photographic experience was produced in cooperation with interactive designer Yannick Guéguen.

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Tracés de voyage

Digital content production: Ugo Monticone
Book production: Les Éditions XYZ

Tracés de voyage is the world’s very first travelogue to include an augmented reality component. It relates globetrotter Ugo Monticone’s personal accounts of his journeys over a 20-year period.

For each chapter, artist Isabelle Gagné (MissPixels) created an animation combining the author’s personal archives with original illustrations that echo the stories. Each animation is accompanied by a soundtrack created by sampling and mixing audio souvenirs from the countries visited. Music, conversations, ambiences, natural sounds and sound effects are assembled by multidisciplinary artist Marc Sauvageau, transforming destinations into literary postcards.

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Good luck to the finalists!