Deepa Nallappan Takes the 2023 Envol Award


November 28 2023


Prize / Recipient



The Conseil is delighted to announce that Deepa Nallappan has won the 2023 Envol Award.

Known for her creations, her teaching at the Param Nrithyalaya dance school and her role as curator and founder of the Montréal Natyanjali festival, Deepa Nallappan is an essential part of Montréal’s professional dance community. The jury highlighted her talent for building bridges between traditional and contemporary Indian dance through her frequent collaborations with artists from unique backgrounds. In every project she expands her creative range further, drawing on her authentic, people-first approach. Her practice is imbued with movement, expressivity and a wealth of emotions.

Deepa Nallappan, lauréate du Prix Envol 2023 1
Deepa Nallappan

”I would like to express my gratitude to the Conseil des arts de Montreal for bestowing upon me this incredible honor. Your unwavering commitment to supporting and celebrating the arts has a profound impact on artists like myself, and I am truly grateful for your dedication.

Receiving this award not only acknowledges my dedication to the arts but also reinforces my belief in teaching, co-ordinating artistic activities which brings me close to the art form. I promise to continue to use my craft as a force for good, to provoke thought, to inspire change, and to provide solace and joy to those who experience it.”

Photo credit : Firefly Photography

The Envol award, presented at the Prix de la danse de Montréal award ceremony, honours the many artistic expressions of Montréal’s diverse dance community and its vital contribution to the city. It comes with a $10,000 cash prize from the Conseil. This year, its scope has been broadened to promote diversity in artistic dance practices in addition to continuing to showcase cultural diversity, as in previous editions.