Composition, winner of the Digital Arts Award


May 25 2022


Recipient / Prize



Prix en arts numériques : dévoilement des finalistes 1

Congratulations to Vincent Morisset and Caroline Robert of the AATOAA Studio, who won the Digital Arts Award with a $5,000 scholarship from the Conseil for their work Composition!

About the work

Composition is a score that emerged from an exploratory residency at Studio PHI. Months of research and experimentation gave rise to a set of wooden cubes. Audiences interact with and immerse themselves in the work by manipulating the wooden cubes, transforming it with their imagination.

Invoking the lens of sound, it becomes a musical instrument, beat making software or musical score. As scenography, it can be object theatre, a maquette or puppet stage. The work is also an animated film, a sculpture and choreography, brought to life by the hands that move the cubes.

About the Digital Art Award

In partnership with the Prix Numix and XN Québec, the Digital Arts Award is intended to reward excellence in digital creativity. It recognizes the unique artistic signature of independent creators. Works selected must be original, show evidence of a particular artistic approach and draw on one or more technologies.


  • Composition, projet lauréat du Prix en art numérique
  • Composition, projet lauréat du Prix en art numérique 1