Circus Arts Recognition Awards


April 4 2023


Prize / Recipient



En Piste, the National Circus Arts Alliance, and the Conseil des arts de Montréal are pleased to announce the creation of circus arts recognition awards and to present them to three members of the circus arts community whose passionate work, accomplishments, and commitment have left lasting marks and have contributed to the positioning of Montreal as the international capital of circus arts. Each award is accompanied by a $2,500 grant offered by the Conseil des arts de Montréal. These are the first circus arts-specific prizes to be awarded in Quebec. The award ceremony took place at 7 Fingers, during the 5@7Cirque following the AGM Forum and the Digital Event, on Monday, April 3, 2023, at 5 pm.

A pre-selection committee of five peers has chosen ten nominees who stand out thanks to their overall achievements, the quality of their work, their contributions to the development and advancement of the circus field, and their commitment to equity and inclusion. They are Yamoussa Bangoura, Éliane Bonin, Françoise Boudreault, Antoine Carabinier Lépine, Shana Carroll, Yves Dagenais, Soizick Hébert, Melissa Holland, Rémi Jacques, Victor Fomine.

These nominations were submitted to an electronic vote by En Piste members, until March 28. The three people who received the most votes are: Yamoussa Bangoura, Éliane Bonin and Victor Fomine.

Congratulations to the winners!