2022 Annual Report


June 20 2023


The Conseil



With summer just a few days away and the festival season in full swing, we’ve completed the important task of reviewing our actions from the past year and taking stock of the situation: the team is proud to present the 2022 annual report.

As active as ever in 2022, the Conseil boldly stepped in tandem with the entire artistic ecosystem into an era of new beginnings, revivals, re-openings and resuming activities.

The Conseil has continued providing the community with the tools they need and speaking up about key issues. It supports extraordinary artistic effervescence, which should not be taken for granted. Carefully considered approaches and high-quality works have garnered the public’s enthusiasm in Montréal’s cultural venues. 2022 marked a coming together of artists and their enthralled audiences!

In 2025, the Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM) will be recognized as a leader and catalyst for an even more inclusive, sustainable and resilient ecosystem of arts communities for the benefit of the people of Montréal. To guide the organization and stay the course, the CAM developed a 2022–2025 strategic plan after consulting and listening to the interested parties in its community with the guidance and support of the Deloitte firm. The annual report we are presenting to you today describes the actions taken and progress made over the past year in line with this plan.

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