Annual Report 2021


June 22 2022


The Conseil



Rapport annuel 2021 2

For the entire cultural community, 2021 was another unusual, not to say unnerving, year. Ever attentive and present on the ground, the Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM) defends the interests of the artistic community, provides a hyperlocal service and develops various projects with a particular desire to equip the community. Leading major projects and supporting arts organizations in their reconstruction is a huge challenge.

Nonetheless, in 2021, we took steps that went far beyond the limits of CAM’s mission to support artists, more sensitive than ever to their situations.

Throughout the year, CAM chose to maintain and improve the various initiatives put in place in 2020 specifically to help the Montreal arts community cope with the turbulence of the pandemic. We are proud to present an overview of these measures, which are detailed in this report.

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Read more about our strategic priorities and the Conseil’s numerous accomplishments: residencies, subsidies, programs, partnerships, etc. and of course, our financial statements.

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Full Annual Report
Financial State (In French Only)
List of Subsidized-Organisations (In French Only)