A new welcome team


December 8 2021


The Conseil



Brouillon auto 4

The Conseil is very happy to welcome Mélusine Bonillo, Judith Brown and Victoria Platel to its brand-new Welcome and Support Team. We are delighted to be able to rely on their expertise and approachability to welcome our clients to the Maison du Conseil and provide technical and logistical support to our grant program management teams.

Mélusine is a dancer with a Bachelor of Dance from UQAM. In addition to her customer service skills, she has many years of experience in event coordination.

Judith is a freelance writer and lover of prose who specializes in web content creation. Trained in film studies and archive management, she has worked at Espace pour la vie and the Montréal-based company Index.

Victoria also studied film and has worked for many Montréal arts organizations, including studio 303. She is a member of the articule artist-run centre and has extensive experience in customer service.