July 31 2020

Congratulations to Levi Dover and Julien Fillion, 2020 Jazz Creation Grant Recipients

Through a private donation, the Conseil des arts de Montréal has awarded two $5,000 grants to the recipients for the creation, production or dissemination of a jazz work and to support the professional development of an artist, collective or non-profit organization.

Discover the projects of the 2020 recipients

Photo : Courtoisie

Levi Dover
Project name: Levi Dover Sextet

For this project, Montréal bassist Levi Dover was inspired by the artistic vision of early 20th-century modern and impressionist composers such as Maurice Ravel, Lili Boulanger and Olivier Messiaen. Levi is developing a language that unites these composers’ approaches and nuanced textures with his background in the jazz and improv traditions.

Incorporating an instrument that is relatively rare in jazz—the vibraphone—Levi creates a sound that is direct though resonant, present though muted, giving the music an enigmatic ambience and character.


Photo : Remi Hermoso

Julien Fillion
Project name: Julien Fillion, Deux par Deux

Deux par Deux is a 10-piece jazz album recording project created by the Julien Fillion Group. Inspired by the jazz and rock traditions, this unusual group stands out for its distribution comprising two saxophonists and two percussionists. 

This is the first recording of saxophonist Julien Fillion’s works with his fellow improv musicians, some of whom are multi-instrumentalists. Accompanied by Philippe Brochu-Pelletier on the saxophone, effects pedal and synthesizer, Al Bourgeois on first percussion and Noam Guerrier Freud on second percussion and keyboards, this quartet promises to reveal an energetic and spirited improvisational space.