December 13 2018

Visible, Magnéto and La Fille du Laitier win Mécènes investis pour les arts grants totalling $15,000

Montreal, December 13, 2018 – At 7 p.m. this evening at the Livart multidisciplinary art centre, Les Mécènes investis pour les arts (MIA) announced the three winners of their 2018 grants. Art collective VISIBLE received $7,000, art organization Magnéto received $5,000, and theatre company La Fille du laitier received $3,000.

For the sixth consecutive year, Les Mécènes investis pour les arts, a group of about fifty Montreal business people, raised a total of $15,000 to support artistic creativity in Montreal. Each patron contributes $500 annually to the grant fund. This significant financial support allows the winners to create artistic projects and, over time, will hopefully forge a lasting relationship between the arts and business communities. This year, the Conseil des arts de Montréal received and assessed 37 proposals, weighing them against certain professional and artistic criteria before the final choices were made by the patrons.

After operating for six years and raising almost $100,000, the patrons involved in Les Mécènes investis pour les arts announced at this evening’s event that they will be turning the initiative over to the Brigade Arts Affaires de Montréal (BAAM), an organization that has earned a solid reputation in the mileu. According to MIA, with BAAM at the helm, the grant program will be reinvigorated, garnering greater visibility and attracting more patrons in future. Recognized for its commitment and drive in engaging young business professionals with the arts community, BAAM is delighted to be assuming leadership of the grant program and intends to help nurture a new generation of cultural philanthropists.

About the Conseil des arts de Montréal
A dynamic partner of artistic creativity in Montreal, the Conseil des arts de Montréal identifies, supports and recognizes excellence in the creation, production and presentation of professional artistic endeavours. Through its initiatives, the Conseil encourages a spirit of openness, discovery and daring at the heart of Montreal’s artistic landscape. Since 1956, the Conseil des arts de Montréal has been an influential player in the development of “Montreal, Cultural Metropolis”.

About Mécènes investis pour les arts
Established in 2013 by Sébastien Barangé and Maxime Codère, the Mécènes investis pour les arts initiative brings together some fifty men and women from Montreal’s business community whose goal is to create a culture of philanthropy by providing financial support to promote the growth and raise the profile of Montreal’s creative talents. The patrons involved each make a private donation of $500 to fund the grants awarded each year.


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Conseil des arts de Montréal
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Project Officer – Communications and Media Relations
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Winners of the 2018 Mécènes investis pour les arts grants


Antonin Wyss, co-producer
Photo :
Marie-Eve Rompré

Marie-Laurence Rancourt,

Photo :
Marie-Eve Rompré

In 2016, Marie-Laurence Rancourt and Zoé Gagnon-Paquin created Magnéto, the first organization in Quebec devoted exclusively to the discipline of creative radio. Magnéto’s works range from documentaries to fiction to poetry, always giving centre stage to human speech and featuring only sound and acousmatic elements.

Project: La punition
A 55-minute radio documentary, produced by Marie-Laurence Rancourt and Antonin Wyss. In June 2018, the producers met three former lifers who were now on parole. With the permission of Correctional Service Canada, the producers took part in weekly meetings during which the parolees shared their thoughts on the experience of being locked up, prison society, and the concept of punishment. The fixed microphone captures the essence of these tragic existences and the call for the freedom to live.


Veronica Mockler and
Sofia Blondin
Photo :
Veronica Mockler

Sofia Blondin is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada and Veronica Mockler holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in cyber arts. In 2017, they co-founded VISIBLE, an art collective whose mandate is to explore the mind-set of individuals in a society. Through documentary research, they combine their expertise in theatrical performance and visual arts exhibits to produce works, offered free of charge, that invite members of the public to participate and express themselves. Above all, the collective values open-mindedness and a humane and sensitive attitude toward socio-political issues.

Project: L’adresse
The housing reality in the Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood is rife with challenges, with properties often being neglected by landlords, inaccessible or not adapted to the needs of residents… L’adresse is an immersive ethno-documentary performance about the housing situation in Côte-des-Neiges. It gives voice to various individuals directly or indirectly involved (landlords, politicians, inspectors and tenants). Through a documentary in the form of an immersive, multimedia museum-style tour, L’adresse plunges spectators into the heart of this reality. The work will be shown in a non-institutional venue in the Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood for two weeks in May 2019. The performance is co-produced by Le regroupement Amplifier.



Jon Lachlan
Photo :
Maxime Côté

Bélanger Dumas
Julie  Georges

La fille du laitier
Caroline Bélanger, Marie-Hélène Bélanger Dumas and Jon Lachlan Stewart, all graduates of the National Theatre School of Canada, founded the theatre company La Fille du Laitier in April 2015. The company acquired a disused 22-foot fire truck and converted it into a fully autonomous and mobile urban performance venue.

La Fille du Laitier [The milkman’s daughter] wants to make theatre, mainly street theatre, accessible to all, and to attract new audiences by reaching them on their doorstep. To date, the company has produced three of its own creations, taken part in a festival, and performed 260 free shows, in traditional venues or out of its theatre delivery truck.

Project: J’aurais voulu danser 
This project came about through the determination of one of the co-founders to address her struggle with arthritis, a chronic disease she has suffered from since the age of three. Juvenile arthritis is much more common than people realize. So while the creative effort behind the project, J’aurais voulu danser, was personal, it tackles a collective issue. This very corporal work explores the body and its limitations through the playful eyes of a child. The main theme throughout is the resilience of children. To be presented in summer 2019.