14 Indigenous Arts Projects Supported in 2022-2023


May 8 2023


Indigenous Arts / Recipient



Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts and Multidisciplinary Work… This year’s supported Indigenous arts projects are as varied as they are promising!

The Conseil is proud to present this year’s winning projects and to present an overview of their initiatives.

Talking Treaties Collective

This project involves a multi-day workshop where performers will create a theatrical piece charting the chronology of the island’s inhabitants based on Indigenous oral and historical accounts, to be presented at Centaur Theatre during the 2023-2024 season.

Renée Condo

Two series of contemporary beadwork, titled Mntu and Pemitg, were created and presented in 2022 as part of two major Canadian exhibitions: the Foire Papier of Montreal in August, and Art/TO of Toronto in October.

Nicole Jacobs

This project includes the presentation of a solo piece, Alone in the Living Room, at the St-Ambroise Fringe Festival of Montreal in June 2022, followed by 16 weeks of research and creation with several collaborators in order to extend the length of the performance from 20 to 40 minutes.

Martin Akwiranoron Loft

This artist will create and exhibit large-scale prints of silver halide photographs depicting Montreal’s Indigenous Community, its resilience, and its cultural identity.

Lauren Jiles alias Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière

Integrating burlesque, contemporary and traditional dance practices, this project is the transformation of a solo dance performance into a three-act, multidisciplinary performance featuring several Indigenous performers.

Iako’tsi:rareh Amanda Lickers

Emerging moose hide tanning artist Amanda Lickers’ project is divided into several stages: a research phase in Canada and the United States, developing a portfolio website and producing a series of cartoons for the Buckskin Babes collective as part of their application to the imagineNATIVE festival.

Centre d’art daphne/ daphne art centre

A combination of feasts and artist talks, a series of events corresponding to the four seasons of the year titled Kaié:ri: The Cycle of Seasons (from the word “four”, pronounced, “ga-yeh-ri”) will be developed as part of the Centre’s programming.

Buckskin Babes Urban Moose Hide Tanning Collective

Buckskin Babes, an urban moose hide tanning collective started in 2021, had been preparing for a new project that takes place in May 2023, a gathering of hide tanning masters from all over Turtle Island.

Dayna Danger

Combining digital prints, film, and installation, Neglecting will address the complex nature of colonial oppression that still prevails in contemporary notions of wealth and beauty.

Brooke Rice

From the Tawis Tawis (Snipe) Clan, Brooke Rice will create a visual and oral record of her journey, establishing reciprocal relationships with knowledge keepers in order to ensure the transmission of knowledge to future generations.

Danse Théâtre A’nó:wara

I Dream in Wampum is a performance project highlighting the Indigenous Futurism movement, where Indigenous communities meet science fiction.

Ondinnok Productions

This project is intended to structure the entire artistic archives of Ondinnok Productions since its creation in 1985 on a digital platform, and to put in place more efficient communication tools.

Les Productions Feux Sacrés

The Abenaki-Wendat writer, playwright, sculptor, storyteller, painter and illustrator Christine Sioui Wawanoloath will present her universe in a whole new light through 15 visual pieces and one installation to be presented through a virtual exhibition.

Avataq Cultural Institute

Circus performances, storytelling, throat singing, traditional songs and acoustic music… Curated by artist Asinnajaq, the Tillitarniit festival, in partnership with the Avataq Cultural Institute, featured artists from Nunavik for six evenings at the Canadian Centre for Architecture from July 28 to September 10, 2022.

Congratulations to all!

Don’t forget that you have until May 11, 2023 to apply for the Indigenous Artists, and Indigenous Collectives and Organizations Support Programs launched on March 30, 2023.