Innovation Lab for Creative Spaces


June 16 2023


The Conseil



The Conseil des arts de Montréal is continuing its work to make access to sustainable and affordable artistic creation space easier in Montréal. It’s establishing an innovation lab in partnership with the Ville de Montréal’s Service de la culture and with the support from the Canada Council for the Arts and Power Corporation of Canada.

The aim of this initiative, whose work is supported by L’ILOT Coop, Fi3 and Mco Atelier, is collectively exploring possible solutions to challenges art space real estate projects face through three priorities: financial support, venues and expertise.

This is an extension of the previous community consultations on artist workshops and what we achieved as a result, like the Les Baux et les arts legal training, an expanded financial support program for moving into a visual arts and crafts workshop, and the new support program for cultural real estate projects.

This project is the result of an unprecedented partnership between the Canada Council for the Arts and four project owners from different cities across Canada (Montréal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver). While each innovation laboratory will build on the features specific to its region, they will share their results to transfer expertise on this issue, which affects many communities across Canada.

The innovation lab for creative spaces is rolling out across many stages, starting in fall 2023 until the end of winter 2024. Some stages will be by invitation and others through calls for participation. The initiative will bring together a broad range of stakeholders from both the cultural community and the entire Montréal arts ecosystem.

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Mélanie Courtois
Cultural Planning Consultant


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