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MUZ recognizes three artists, artists’ collectives, or organizations whose music is informed by diverse influences and a wide range of expression.



Who is eligible for this award?

Artists, professional artists’ collectives, and music organizations from diverse ethnocultural communities. 

What are the program objectives?

The purpose of this award is to:  

  • highlight exceptional cultural diversity practices in music 
  • provide tangible support to the three recipients 
  • raise public awareness about cultural diversity in music 
  • consolidate funding and support for priority groups defined by the equity policy and newly welcomed to the Conseil 
  • intensify scouting for artists and organizations from priority groups and better represent many faces and dimensions of Montréal’s population  
  • continue to support the arts community in the fight against racism and discrimination to ensure that diversity is more broadly represented 


What is the value of the award?

The winning group(s) or individual(s) will each receive a $3,000 grant from the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

What do the partners contribute?

The Conseil des arts de Montréal is proud to partner with Vision Diversité to present the three annual grants as part of MUZ.


How many awards are given?

Three grants are awarded each year. 

Are there any special eligibility criteria?

To be eligible to apply, the artist and/or group members must meet MUZ’s eligibility criteria: 

  • be a resident of Quebec 
  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident 
  • present a musical offering of the mixed music genre with an artistic content rooted in rhythms from around the world. One of the pieces presented must be in French (composition or cover) and, for instrumental groups, may be a popular Quebec song reworked with a world music influence 
  • have a polished set ready to perform 
  • be available for the three days and evenings of MUZ as well as for closing night
Who is ineligible to apply?

Ineligible applicants 

  • Collectives and organizations that do not meet the general and specific eligibility requirements 
  • Collectives that have the role of presenter or that organize festivals or events 
  • Public or para-public organizations representing governments or municipal corporations 
  • Artists, artists’ collectives, and organizations that have already won this award 

Activity sectors 

  • Organizations working exclusively in variety or comedy 
  • Applicants working exclusively in cultural mediation  
  • Artists, artists’ collectives, and organizations that do not work in the DISCIPLINE 

Ineligible applications 

  • Incomplete applications  
  • Applications received after the deadline

Questions about certain terms?

Consult our glossary


How do I apply?

Visit Vision Diversité’s website for more information or to submit your application. 


Comment les demandes seront-elles évaluées?

Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee composed of professionals recognized for their expertise in the music sector and their familiarity with the music community and the issues addressed by the award. 

The Conseil will work with Vision Diversité to ensure that the representativeness of each jury is in keeping with its vision of equity, diversity and inclusion.  

All applications will be evaluated on merit; the comparative value of the proposals will be taken into consideration. 

What are the evaluation criteria?

Applications will be evaluated based on the quality and originality of the artistic approach. The impact of artists’ artistic works on the development of music practice will also be considered. The evaluation committee will pay particular attention to applications submitted by culturally diverse artists. 

What is the response time?

The winning groups will be announced publicly during the awards ceremony at MUZ’s closing night on October 6, 2024. 


How is the grant paid?

The $3,000 grants will be paid in one instalment by Vision Diversité on behalf of the Conseil des arts de Montréal following the announcement of the recipients. 

Visibility Standards and Logos

Arts organizations, collectives or individual receiving grant from the Conseil must mention this funding in their information, promotional, or advertising material.

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