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Persons with the experience and knowledge required to create, perform and/or publish works. Recognized by their community, artists are dedicated primarily to the practice of their art and generally receive compensation for it.


A collective includes at least two professional artists working in collaboration, on an ad hoc basis or not, to carry out a common project requiring, or not, complementary practices, knowledge and expertise.

Cultural workers

A professional in the cultural community who holds a leadership, managerial or administrative position in communications or coordination in this community


A non-profit organization managed by qualified individuals employing professionals from the cultural community who present artistic activities on a regular basis while possessing a recognized level of competence

Specific programs
Cultural diversity

An artist, group or organization belonging to an ethnic or visible minority and/or having a minority, non-Western or mixed-race artistic practice

Indigenous Arts

First Nations, Inuit or Métis artists, collectives or organizations

Types of aids
Carry out a project

Financial aid or support dedicated to the completion of a one-time project

Develop my organization

Aid for the administrative management and/or governance of an organization

Develop my practice

Support for the improvement and/or development of artistic practices

Equip myself

Assistance aimed at guiding or supporting creators in their artistic endeavours

Participate in a residency

Opportunity to immerse oneself in an artistic community or environment thanks to technical support, human resources and joint expertise

Promote my project

Support for the presentation or promotion of projects on the island of Montreal or beyond

Strengthen my organization

Financial aid dedicated to the realization of activities related to an organization’s mandate

Win an award or recognition

Aid to highlight the inspiring initiatives of Montreal artists and organizations

Rent a studio
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