The musts according to Louise Dery
Louise Déry

Louise Dery
Director of the UQAM Gallery


Formats Library

2 rue Sainte-Catherine Est, espace 302
Monday, tuesday: 10 am - 5pm
Wednesday, thursday, friday: 10 am - 7 pm
Saturday: 12 am - 5 pm
Sunday: closed

To find the best selection of catalogs and books about contemporary visual arts in Montreal, and especially to discover the local artists who contribute to develop "our" artistic scene which is one of the most active in Canada, go to:

Library Formats

Moreover, the connection between text and image is fascinating, given that the authors had to rise to the challenge of defining a visual subject with words.


(picture taken from the collection of the Library Formats, on their website: Ghost Knigi)


Montreal - Brooklyn

From October 1 to January 31, 2013

Don't miss this Fall the Montreal - Brooklyn event, a contemporary art program to be held in 8 exhibition halls in Montreal in October 2012, and 8 others in Brooklyn in January 2013.

It is the first artistic meeting between Montreal and New York since more than a decade. It is a rendez-vous between two north-American cities, landmarks of contemporary art which, through a series of crossed exhibitions, will bring to light their cultural differences and similarities. This event organized by CLARK art center will bring together 16 various institutions, almost 40 artists of a heterogenic and dynamic crowd, and a lot of special events, often open to the public.


Montreal hosts:


UQAM's Gallery

Les Territoires Gallery

SAS Gallery




Contemporary art Museum


From November 14 to August 16, 2012

Agora de la danse
14-15-16 novembre 20 H

The brand new creation of Fortier Danse Creation, "The man who dances".


Renowned soloist, Paul-André Fortier, still is a dancer of complicity and his career with visual artists such as Betty Goodwin and Robert Racine proved it. In Vertiges, violinist Malcom Goldstein melts in the dance, in his trance. Together, they move forward with restraint, both intense, accomplices, in some kind of peaceful upheaval. A must-see and must-hear.



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