The musts according to Martin Thibault
Martin Thibault

Poète de la Cité

close PHOTO CREDIT : Alain Cuerrier


Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

I love this cathedral of all cathedrals that is the BANQ.  This is where is housed the largest collection of French works in North America. Walking through the aisles, I feel good, I feel free, I can actually breathe the books.  Oftentimes, I can go just for this feeling, this sensation...and maybe also, for lounging in the comfort of an armchair, right next to the majestic windows overlooking Montreal, my book in hand, ready to be discovered, ready to take me away!

475, de Maisonneuve East

La Grande Bibliothèque.
Photo : Bernard Fougères

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Meandering within the "Ancient and Modern International Art" collection of the Museum of Fine Arts is a pure delicacy that connects us to who we truly are. It’s an odd mixture of strength and weakness, beauty and ugliness.  It illustrates how fragile we truly are, and that it is in our interest not to take it for granted!   A feast for the eyes!  It’s absolutely delicious and we just can’t get enough of it.  We can leisure again and again to these halls because there is always something to look at, to see and to contemplate with fresh eyes.

1378-1380, Sherbrooke West

Photo: Marc Cramer

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