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Panel sur le financement des projets immobiliers culturels 6

Financing a Cultural Real Estate Project - A Guide for the Montreal Arts Community

Discover our brand new practical guide designed to support artists and artistic organizations regarding the challenges of precariousness and preservation of artists’ workshops in our metropolis. The purpose of this tool is to respond to the needs directly expressed by the arts community during the Conseil’s consultations. It is aimed at those who are planning a cultural real estate project: cultural organizations, artists’ collectives, technical resource groups, and any other organization wishing to develop this type of project in Montreal.


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Number of organizations and collectives welcomed for the first time in 2020
Increase in the number of organizations, collectives and artists we have guided in 2020
Amount awarded to organizations, collectives and artists through various support programs
Number of prizes awarded to culturally diverse artists in 2020, representing 54% of all prized awarded by the Conseil