Grant for inclusive practices

Application deadline: October 7, 2019 

This program is for non-profit organizations, artist cooperatives that pay no dividends, and artist collectives.

Eligible disciplines are the circus arts, street performance, visual arts, digital arts, film and video, dance, literature (including cultural periodicals), new artistic practices (multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary), music, and theatre.

The grant for inclusive practices helps recipients develop initiatives that promote inclusion and accessibility in the arts. It concerns projects aimed at the inclusion of under-represented, excluded, or marginalized audiences and/or artists. 

With this grant, the Conseil wishes to give organizations an opportunity to develop inclusive practices and create equitable accessibility in the arts.

For more information, see the document below:
Program Presentation

To apply :



Salomé Viguier
Cultural advisor in new artistic practices, multidisciplinary sector, circus arts, and street performance

Visual arts and digital arts
Marie-Michèle Cron
Tel.: 514-280-4125

Film/video and literature
Marie-Anne Raulet
Tel.: 514-280-2599

Sylviane Martineau
Tel.: 514-280-3587

Claire Métras
Tel.: 514-280-3586


Marie-Christine Parent
Tel.: 514-280-0525 

Frédéric Côté
Tel.: 514-280-3793