Creative research residency for professional puppeteers from Montréal

Opening the call : June 17, 202q

Application deadline: August 20th, 2021

With the goal of developing puppetry, Casteliers and the Conseil des arts de Montréal, in collaboration with the Maison Internationale des arts de la marionnette (MIAM) and Le Schatz, are partnering to offer two creative residency for professional puppeteers.

Held between October 2021 and April 2022, the nineteen days residencies will allow artists to live a creative immersion in two different places. Winners will have the chance to carry out a reserch-creation project at the Maison Internationale des arts de la marionnette (MIAM) for two weeks and at Le Schatz, a house and artist workshop located in Sutton, for one week.


The objectives?

● offer puppeteers in residence time to work and rehearse on a show being created;


● give access to MIAM's specialized spaces, equipment and resources;


● give access to Schatz's creative spaces located in a nature environment;


● support the creation of the Montreal puppetry community.


One of the two residencies will be reserved for a project by artists from the diversity : racialized / visible minorities, ethnocultural minorities, English speakers in a minority situation, or allophones.


Link to call for applications

Louise Lapointe
Co-Director General and Artistic Director
514 270-2717, ext 4