CultivART Indigenous Program

Internships for Indigenous artists or cultural workers within professional arts and cultural organizations.

Application deadline for mentors: November 1, 2019
Application deadline for organizations and interns: November 1, 2019

The program of 5 paid internships is offered to all Montreal artistic and cultural organizations (Indigenous or not) as well as to Indigenous artists and cultural workers. Participants will be able to hone their experience in roles that support artistic and cultural practices while actively participating in the host organization's development.

CultivART also offers Indigenous mentors, with extensive experience recognized by their peers, a paid mentorship opportunity, in order to share their working knowledge of current artistic practices with a view of knowledge transfer to their paired intern.

Internship Period
Between January 6, 2020 to July 31, 2020

Length of Internship
The internship covers a total of 650 hours including coaching time with paired external mentor.
The duration of mentor-intern coaching is approximately 150 flexible hours according to a timeframe to be jointly established with the intern.

For more information, consult the program presentation documents:

For Indigenous mentors:
Section: The Mentor

For Indigenous interns:
Section: The Intern

For artistic and cultural organizations:
Section: The Organization

To submit an application:

Mylène Guay
Indigenous Arts Project Manager
Tel. (514) 280-0552