Diversity in Music Award of the Conseil des arts de Montréal and its partners

Deadline for submissions: Closed

The annual Diversity in Music Award of the Conseil des arts de Montréal and its partners recognizes two artists’ collectives that are representative of Montreal’s cultural diversity, offering winners support for creation, production, recording and dissemination over a one-year period. The award raises the profile of promising musicians and gives momentum to their professional careers.

To better address the needs of artists and the reality of the arts community, the award has two components:

•    Exploration based on an established musical tradition
•    Creation based on new or emerging forms of music

The award is offered by the Conseil des arts de Montréal in partnership with Arte Musica, the Centre des musiciens du monde, Mundial Montréal, Place des Arts, Radio-Canada and Vision Diversité.

To learn more about the program, consult the program presentation and download the application form:
Program Presentation
Application Form (FR)


Marie-Christine Parent
Music Advisor
514 280-3586


Iulia-Anamaria Salagor
Project Manager - Cultural Diversity in the Arts
514 280-3583


Claire Métras
Music Advisor
514 280-3586

Winners from last editions

La Pirogue & Noubi Trio (2019)
Ensemble Âstân & Ramon Chicharron (2018)
Sonido Pesao (2016)
African Guitar Spirit (2015)
Tounkara-Lavoie Trio (2014)
Trio Populaire (2013)
Ayrad (2012)
D’Harmo Monde (2011)
Rômmel Ribeiro (2010)
Sergiu Popa (2009) Circuit 514