Envol Award

Dance award for culturally diverse Montréal artists, arts collectives, and artistic and cultural organizations

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The Conseil des arts de Montréal is partnering with the Prix de la danse de Montréal again to confer the annual $10,000 Envol award. The award recognizes cultural diversity in dance and celebrates its essential contribution to the vitality of Montréal’s arts scene.

Inclusiveness in the arts is fundamentally about equality – giving all artists access to the same resources and the same opportunity to gain recognition, develop their art, and contribute to society.

The Envol award is for:
designers (costumes, set, lighting, etc.)
cultural workers
artist collectives
organizations (non-profits and artist cooperatives)

The purpose of the award is to:
Highlight outstanding culturally diverse practices in dance
Recognize actions that promote cultural diversity
Provide tangible support for the winner
Raise public awareness of the representation of cultural diversity in dance


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To apply:


Paule Beaudry, interim dance advisor
Phone: 514-280-3587