November 9 2020

Congratulations to Rhodnie Désir, winner of the Envol Award 2020

The committee chose to award the Prix Envol to Rhodnie Désir Créations in order to underline the extraordinary adventure of BOW’T TRAIL Rétrospek – a work brought by an artist gifted with extraordinary determination – which took place over several years and several continents, and which mobilized many artists and partners. The committee salutes Rhodnie Désir’s courage and perseverance in her artistic, humanitarian and political work that raises awareness of the importance of the fight against exclusion and racism. Rhodnie is a socially engaged artist and her role as an ambassador of Montreal’s culture on the national and international scenes is tremendous. 

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Envol Award for Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Practices in Dance 

This award comes with a prize of $10,000 and is given to an individual, a collective or an organization that embraces cultural diversity or inclusive practices, in recognition of a significant contribution to the dance scene or an outstanding achievement during the previous season (from July 1 to June 30).