June 10 2020

Conseil des arts de Montréal encourages artists to take the streets across the island of Montreal

Call for application opening: June 15, 2020

Professional artists, arts organizations and artist collectives on the Island of Montréal are invited to submit pop-up performance projects to Art Out in the Open, a new Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM) program. The performances can take place anywhere on the Island. The $500,000 program complements the “Safe active transportation circuits” program, which includes arrangements to promote cultural and historical exploration in Montréal while maintaining social distancing.

Since the pandemic began, artists have been giving outdoor performances in Montréal without payment. “Artists have generously put on performances and exhibited works to help the public get through this difficult period. We believe it is important to pay artists for their work, just like any other professionals,” explained the Conseil’s Executive Director, Nathalie Maillé. “We are particularly sensitive to the conditions of artists reflecting Montreal’s cultural diversity and to the realities of residents living in neighbourhoods severely impacted by the pandemic. Our close ties with the boroughs and municipalities put us in a strong position to promote the arts in private venues across the island while the city’s boroughs and municipal bodies focus on cultural life in public spaces.”

Starting June 15, 2020, Montréal’s professional artists, arts organizations and artist collectives will be able to submit arts projects in 10 disciplines. The grants will let artists invade outdoor urban spaces that do not require a municipal occupancy permit, anywhere on the Island of Montréal, starting in August. Pop-up performances could take place on balconies, in front of a CHSLD, on the rooftops of private homes, in yards, private parking lots or shop windows. The deadline for the first call for projects is July 6, 2020.

About the Conseil des arts de Montréal
A dynamic partner of professional artistic creativity in Montreal, the Conseil des arts de Montréal identifies, supports and recognizes excellence in the creation, production and presentation of artistic endeavours. Through its initiatives, the Conseil encourages new thinking, discovery and daring at the heart of Montreal’s artistic landscape. Since 1956, the Conseil des arts de Montréal has been an influential player in the development of “Montreal, Cultural Metropolis.”