September 19 2019

Message from Nathalie Maillé, Executive Director


Photo : Nathalie Saint-Pierre

September is here again, marking the start of another artistic year! What lies ahead for 2019–2020? The Conseil will use the coming months to continue working on various matters, which are all well underway.

We recently launched the first call for proposals to support inclusive practices, helping to develop initiatives that promote inclusion and accessibility in the arts. I would like to reiterate this program’s importance for us. The program aims to cover additional costs incurred by inclusivity initiatives that will benefit us all. We purposely left it very open to support new ideas and new ways of doing things. There are many possibilities: audio descriptions, covering costs for artists with disabilities, specialized childcare services, pricing policies for underrepresented audiences, and training sessions. You know what you need and we want to help to provide it. You have until October 7 to submit your proposals

The Conseil will also have a larger presence in the neighbourhoods in the upcoming year. This work addresses our interests of being more present in the community and the importance of proximity between artists and citizens. Last spring’s L’art au cœur des citoyens survey, conduced jointly with Léger, showed that accessibility and venue proximity were important factors in arts attendance—we fully agree. We have established agreements with the boroughs and four calls for proposals will be issued shortly!

For us, fall is the time when we review our procedures and working practices. It is an opportunity to stop and take a step back to assess our work and reorganize tasks while clarifying roles and responsibilities. The entire team is involved in this process, which we hope will allow us to improve our working methods. I believe this reorganization is essential and all organizations should periodically do the same.

I wish you all a happy fall!