May 31 2019

DAM Presents Proposals for Cultural Equity

To those of you who have not yet read the consultation report on systemic racism in the arts, culture, and media sectors in Montréal by Diversité artistique Montréal (DAM), titled Towards a cultural equity process, we invite you to consult it today. The report is filled with information, recommendations, and suggestions that aim to help achieve representativeness and equity in the arts sector. The Conseil has taken note of these recommendations, some of which are already being examined.

Helpful tools 
Want to move forward on issues of cultural diversity, but don’t know where to start? DAM can help thanks to the iDAM Hub, a service primarily designed to inform, support, and provide tools to all those who want to include diversity in their values, actions, and strategic positioning (French only).

We also encourage you to read the annotated glossary Mieux comprendre les enjeux de l’inclusion en danse prepared by the Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD). This 32-page document organized by theme clarifies complex concepts and is sure to stimulate reflection among those interested in this important social debate, regardless of their artistic discipline (French only).

Moving towards a more inclusive approach
With this in mind, the Conseil is working to develop an equity and inclusion policy that will assert our organization’s principles, vision, and commitments. This policy, which will be made public in the coming months, will ensure fair access to our programs while welcoming and supporting creators and practices from underrepresented artist groups. We are also working to modify some of our eligibility criteria to make our programs more inclusive. Self-identification forms adapted to various realities are newly available and aim to ensure greater representativeness in our programs. They can be completed when creating an account on our ORORA Portal and when submitting applications.

The OCPM in consultation
The Office de consultation publique de Montréal is now holding public consultations on systemic racism and discrimination, exploring topics such as culture, employment, and racial and social profiling. There is still time to participate. Starting in September, you will also be able to express your opinions online. Clic here!