July 26 2018

General Funding Program: Open for on-line applications due on September 17

The on-line portal of the Conseil des arts de Montréal, ORORA, can now be accessed by organizations and groups intending to submit a grant application with a September 17, 2018 deadline (when the submission date falls on a statutory or working holiday, the deadline is postponed until the next working day).

If you are one of these organizations or collectives, you must apply on-line. We invite you to consult the four tutorials (in french), which provide useful information on how to register and quickly create your account.

Who may make a grant application via ORORA?

The following grant applications due on September 17, 2018 must be completed on-line :


SPECIAL PROJECTS (for organizations receiving operating grants only):
For all disciplines and the multidisciplinary sector.

For applications to the fiscal sponsorship program due on September 17: apply online on ORORA.

No submission on September 17

ATTENTION ALL ORGANIZATIONS AND GROUPS RECEIVING OPERATING GRANTS: Please note that the 2016-17 Final Report is not available on ORORA, and that the paper version must therefore be completed. It is also available for download on the Conseil’s websiteThe 2017-18 Final Report will be available on ORORA in September.

How do I log in to ORORA?

1. Go to the ORORA portal at www.artsmontreal.org/en/orora

2. Check to see if you already have a registered account in the system:
- on the home page, enter the e-mail address to which this message was sent;
- click on "I forgot my password”;
- a temporary password will be sent to you; if you receive it, your personal profile already exists; follow the instructions to log in.

3. If you do not receive an e-mail after waiting a few minutes:
- check to see if the message was sent to your spam or junk folder;
- if no message was received, create an account.

4. Watch the tutorials at www.artsmontreal.org/en/orora to learn how to create an account, activate your personal profile, join an organization, access the profile of the organization, and apply on behalf of an organization.

Still having problems logging in?

Our team is there to help you:
By phone: 514-280-3580
By e-mail: artsmontreal@ville.montreal.qc.ca

Technical support provided from Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST (excluding holidays).