Street Performances Creation Program


December 15 2022

Quartier des spectacles
Résidence de création et diffusion de spectacles en arts de rue 1
Résidence de création et diffusion de spectacles en arts de rue

Are you interested in creating a street performance that will be presented in the Quartier des spectacles in summer 2023? This is your chance!

Street Performances Creation Program


Who is eligible to apply?

This call for projects is for professional street artists of the Regroupement des Arts de Rue du Québec:

  • Professional artists residing in Montréal;
  • Artists’ collectives with a majority of members residing in Montréal;
  • Incorporated non-profit arts organizations or artists’ cooperatives that pay no dividends and are headquartered in the Greater Montréal area.
What are the program objectives?

This program allows the recipient to:

  • Promote the development of medium- and large-scale street arts projects for creators and organizations from the Island of Montréal and members of the Regroupement des Arts de Rue (RAR);
  • Support the professional artistic work of creators in the Greater Montréal area;
  • Increase visibility and dissemination of street performances;
  • Help develop a community of professionals associated with street performances;
  • Continue efforts already underway to showcase the creativity of RAR street performances creators;
  • Contribute to the Quartier des spectacles’ distinctive, dynamic atmosphere;
  • Integrate a performing arts content development component into the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership’s programming;
  • Support research and innovation in performing arts creation in public spaces;
  • Develop street performances in Quebec and promote the recognition of its artists and the specific nature of the discipline;
  • Promote the visibility of Montréal street artists with local audiences.
More details about the program
  • The performance must be presented at the Quartier des spectacles:
    • If permanent, it must take place at the place de la Paix;
    • If travelling, it must pass through the place de la Paix;
  • The residency will last from February to August 2023;
  • The scheduled performance dates are in August.


What type of assistance is provided?
  • Quartier des Spectacles Partnership: $50,000 paid for production and dissemination paid to the artists, according to a pre-established schedule, a communications plan (details to be confirmed), a logistics service for the City of Montréal’s occupancy permits and for implementing safety and health measures where applicable.
  • National Theatre School of Canada: the equivalent of $20,000 in services (rehearsal space, technical equipment depending on availability) and $5,000 in grants to hire a graduate to participate in the project.
  • Conseil des arts de Montréal: $20,000.
  • Contributions from other partners: to be determined based on needs and opportunities.
What is the duration of the support?

This is a one-time, non-recurring grant.


What type of projects are eligible?

To be accepted, the project must:

  • Be at an advanced stage of development, whether the performance is fixed or roaming 
  • demonstrate a solid artistic approach and voice;
  • Be a creation in the performing arts designed and developed specifically for public spaces, for all disciplines;
  • Be a performance intended for the general public taking place in the evening or during the day;
  • Present a minimum of 6 performances lasting between 30 and 45 minutes (note that more than one performance may occur on the same day/evening);
  • Be innovative, demonstrate out-of-the-box thinking and not take place on a traditional stage
  • Be conceived with touring in mind;
  • Be able to reach an audience of 300 to 500 people;
  • Offer a scenographic and technical environment that requires minimal monitoring during non-performance hours or offers affordable security solutions.
When must the project be carried out?

The target performance dates are the last two weeks of August 2023.

How many applications will be accepted?

Only one project will be selected.

Questions about certain terms?

Consult our glossary


How can I submit an application?

Visit the  website for more information or to submit your application.


How are applications evaluated?

The evaluation committee will take into account the program objectives and the following criteria:

Artistic merit of the residency and creation: 50%

  • Artistic merit of the residency project
  • Merit of past projects of members of the collective or organization
  • Innovative nature and originality of the artistic approach
  • Message quality

Contribution to the development of the discipline: 20%

  • Project’s relevance and contribution to the development of street arts practices
  • Innovation and creativity of the proposed approach
  • Potential for touring and dissemination

Project management, financial stability and technical feasibility of the project: 20%

  • Demonstrate collaboration between players active in different street arts disciplines.
  • Realistic budget projections and timeline.
  • Feasibility and practicality of the proposed project.
  • Efforts made to compensate artists and creators.
  • Compliance with COVID-19 health measures, if applicable.

Relevance and adaptability to the performance context: 5%

  • Ability to adapt to the performance space and high-traffic areas.
  • Consideration of the relationship with the audience.

Sustainability: Supporting environmentally responsible initiatives: 5%

  • Integration of eco-responsibility concepts (for example: sustainable production, promotion, presentation and/or touring models; transportation or supply policies, eco-design, etc.).


How will the grant be paid?

The grant offered by the Conseil will be paid through the Regroupement des arts de rue du Québec.


What are my obligations?

Accepting payment of the grant constitutes an undertaking to complete the activities covered by the grant and to comply with the accompanying conditions, which will be communicated upon acceptance of the application.

The artist agrees to: 

  • Carry out the project as planned;
  • Notify the Conseil as soon as possible if unable to carry out the project in the fiscal year for which the grant was awarded; in such cases, they may be obliged to reimburse some or all of the amount awarded;
  • If requested, submit activity reports and financial statements at the required times;
  • If applicable, include in the report photographs, videos or any other relevant, royalty-free visuals that the Conseil may use for promotional purposes.

Visibility Standards and Logos

Arts organizations, collectives or individual receiving grant from the Conseil must mention this funding in their information, promotional, or advertising material.

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