Residency of the Americas


May 4 2020

Specific program


Résidence des Amériques

Fonderie Darling and the Conseil des arts de Montréal created the Residency of the Americas to build bridges between arts communities, curators and critics, and to foster a dynamic flow of artists through the Americas.

Residency of the Americas


Who is eligible to apply?

This residency at Fonderie Darling has been entirely intended for Latin American and Caribbean artists and curators in the visual arts since 2016.

The residency is two-fold:

  • a residency for a visual artist
  • and a second residency for a curator or art critic
What are the program objectives?

The Residency of the Americas is a research-creation residency developed with the following objectives:

  • welcome curators and artists from Latin America to meet the needs of these communities
  • immerse creators and curators in the city’s artistic and cultural scene
  • provide access to communal spaces, wood and metal production studios, and organizational and technical assistance
  • encourage national and international promotion and networking through public presentation days, open studio events by art professionals and cultural outings related to residents’ interests
  • share discussions and meetings between curators and artists to stimulate the exchange of ideas and expertise
  • increase awareness of these artistic and curatorial practices to stimulate and improve peer networking and develop the art market


What type of assistance is provided?

Funding includes:


  • round trip airfare up to a maximum of CAN$1,200
  • a live-in studio for three months
  • a weekly allowance of CAN$400 for 12 weeks
  • a production grant of up to CAN$500

art critic or curator:

  • round trip airfare up to a maximum of CAN$1,200
  • a live-in studio for two months
  • a weekly allowance of CAN$400 for 8 weeks
  • a production grant of up to CAN$250
  • a support program (personalized coaching, networking, open studio events, public presentations)


What are the general eligibility criteria?
  • be an artist or curator residing in Latin America or the Caribbean
  • be an artist or curator who is a national of a Latin American or Caribbean country and residing in another country
  • or be an artist or curator who is not a national of a Latin American or Caribbean country and who has been residing in a Latin American or Caribbean country for a significant period
How many applications will be accepted?

Only one application will be accepted in each category (artist and curator).

Questions about certain terms?

Consult our glossary


How can I submit an application?

Visit the Fonderie Darling website to learn more and submit your application.


How are applications evaluated?

The selection committee is composed of Fonderie Darling’s artistic team and external art professionals. The committee ensures fair representation of artistic media and practices, genders, and Indigenous peoples, and aims to reflect the diverse cultures and countries of the Americas.

What are the evaluation criteria?
  • artistic quality of the applicant’s work
  • impact of the residency on the applicant’s career and on the Montréal arts community
  • proposed residency project
  • clarity of the application and articulation of the artistic proposal


How will the grant be paid?

The grant offered by the Conseil will be paid through Fonderie Darling.



Accepting payment of the grant constitutes, for the artist or curator, an undertaking to complete the activities covered by the grant and to comply with the accompanying conditions, which will be communicated upon selection of the application.

The artist or curator undertakes to:

  • obtain the travel documents required for their stay in Canada such as visas, work permits and insurance, including insurance required to transport their work and belongings.
  • carry out the proposed project as planned
  • notify the Conseil as soon as possible if unable to carry out the project in the fiscal year for which the grant was awarded. Depending on the situation, a full or partial refund may be requested
  • if requested, submit activity reports and financial statements at the required times
  • if applicable, include in the report photographs, videos or any other relevant, royalty-free visuals that the Conseil may use for promotional or archival purposes

Visibility Standards and Logos

Arts organizations, collectives or individual receiving grant from the Conseil must mention this funding in their information, promotional, or advertising material.

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