Research-creation residency at Zú

The CAM and Zú are offering a research-creation residency that enables artists to develop new creative projects or pursue projects already under way, with an eye to innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Research-creation residency at Zú


Through its residency program, the CAM is teaming up with Zú to offer a research-creation residency. The purpose of this residency is to generate new projects or develop projects already under way that demonstrate innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Projects will have to integrate technological components available in Zú’s facility: 5G, VR/AR/XR, volumetric capture video, motion capture, projections, or sound and video production.

Who is this residency for?

Artists, collectives and organizations in the visual or live arts, media arts, digital arts, film or music sectors or in a multi-disciplinary practice.

What are the objectives?

This program aims to:

  • Provide CAM clients access to an experimental space, state-of-the-art technology equipment and entrepreneurial development expertise such as legal, IT, accounting and financial resources in an incubator specializing in creative industries
  • Facilitate the creation of new works and encourage networking and collaboration among artists or organizations and start-ups guided by Zú


What type of assistance is provided?
  • Concierge service and guidance provided by the Zù Lab technical advisor
  • Integration into the Zú community by the Creative Hub team and access to Slack
  • Reserved time slots and, depending on needs, access to the technical coordinator for assistance with operating technological equipment and facilitating its use
  • The opportunity to be connected with start-ups in the Zú ecosystem that develop technological solutions capable of facilitating creation
  • The opportunity to set up a presentation activity for the community to get feedback from peers during the project
  • A bank of hours offered by Zú’s expert partners (legal, accounting, financial and other advice, etc.), connection with Zú’s technology partners (Lenovo, Panasonic, Telus, Unreal), etc.
  • Presentation of the project and creation process to the community

The assistance provided includes the following:

  • A creation grant of up to $10,000
  • Guidance by Zú
  • Access to a bank of hours (up to 20 hours) for legal, accounting, tax and IT consultation
For how long is the assistance available?

This is a one-time, non-recurring assistance.

What do the partners contribute?

In addition, Zú offers:

  • Access to the hall, technical equipment and services of the technical advisor, for up to 50 hours (see specifications for the technical equipment available at Zú)
  • Basic logistical and technical support during the residency
  • Internet access
  • On-site concierge service and exchanges with the team


What are the general eligibility conditions?

For individual artists

Status and conditions:

  • Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status
  • Domiciled with the territory of île de Montréal
  • Recognized as a professional artist
  • Have had at least one artistic creation presented in a professional context

For an artist collective

Status and conditions:

  • Group of artists, regardless of how many (minimum of two)
  • Represented by one or more people in charge of the application, who must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents and domiciled within the territory of île de Montréal
  • Composed of professional artists

For an arts organization

Status and conditions:

  • Not-for-profit corporation or a not-for-profit artist cooperative that does not pay patronage dividends
  • Head office within the territory of île de Montréal
  • Board of directors mostly comprised of Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Main mission being to produce arts creation, production or dissemination activities

Professional requirements

  • Recognized and demonstrable competency
  • Run by qualified individuals
  • Present activities of recognized artistic quality
  • Employ professional artists and cultural workers
What are the specific eligibility conditions?
  • Familiarity with the specifications in order to ensure the project’s feasibility
  • Basic knowledge of the technologies available at Zú
  • Meet the residency timelines
  • Wish to integrate a community of entrepreneurs, design students and researchers affiliated with Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Participate in a review meeting with the project partners
What types of projects are eligible?

Projects at the research and/or creation stage.

What is the project’s duration?

The residency will run from March 15 to September 30, 2023.

The residency will end in October 2023 with the submission of the final activity report. The residency is limited to the stated dates.

How many applications will be accepted?

Only one residency project will be chosen.

Artists, artist collectives and organizations can only submit one application under this program.

Who cannot apply (not eligible)?
  • Collectives and organizations that do not meet the general and specific eligibility requirements
  • Artist collectives set up as a for-profit or not-for-profit corporation or partnership
  • Artist support networks, associations and organizations, as well as agents
  • Organizations dedicated to teaching, education or professional development
  • Public and para-public organizations delivering services on behalf of federal, provincial or municipal governments
  • Organizations registered as partnerships

Questions about certain terms?

Consult our glossary


How do I apply?

Go to the website to learn more and to submit your application.


How are applications assessed?

The project selection is done by a panel of arts professionals, Zú representatives and a CAM observer.

What are the assessment criteria?

The assessment committee will take into account the program objectives and the following criteria:

Artistic quality 80%

  • Artistic quality and value of the residency project
  • Innovative nature and originality of the artistic approach
  • Value of the project for the development of creative industries
  • Ability to integrate technological tools available at Zú
  • Quality of the previous work of the artist, organization or members of the collective

Project management and financial stability 20%

  • Project feasibility and realisticness
  • Realisticness of the budget projections and financial soundness
  • The organization’s financial health
What is the response time?

The applicants and the winner will be informed of the final decision at the end of February 2023.


How will the grant be paid?

The $10,000 grant offered by the CAM will be paid by Zú in two installments, as follows:

  • $7,500 at the start of the residency
  • $2,500 upon submission of the final report


What are my obligations?

Accepting payment of the grant constitutes, for the recipient, a commitment to complete the activities covered by the grant and to comply with the accompanying conditions, which will be communicated upon acceptance of the application.

The artist, artist collective or arts organization agrees to:

  • Carry out its project as planned;
  • Notify the CAM as soon as possible if unable to carry out the project in the fiscal year for which the grant was awarded;  The grant recipient may be required to reimburse some or all of the amount awarded;
  • If so requested, submit activity reports and financial statements as required;
  • If applicable, include with the reports or statements any photographs, videos, or other relevant, royalty-free visuals created for the project, which the CAM may use for promotional purposes.


Visibility Standards and Logos

Arts organizations, collectives or individual receiving grant from the Conseil must mention this funding in their information, promotional, or advertising material.

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