Prix de la relève Caisse Desjardins de la Culture

Are you a member of an organization or collective of emerging artists with projects aimed at developing arts activities in your artistic field? Submit an application for the Prix de la relève Caisse Desjardins de la Culture. It’s a great opportunity to promote your expertise, ideas, expand your network and receive a grant!

Prix de la relève Caisse Desjardins de la Culture


Who is eligible for this prize?

To emerging artists’ collectives or professional organizations in the arts community.

What are the program objectives?

The Prix de la relève Caisse Desjardins de la Culture was created by the Conseil des arts de Montréal to recognize the work of emerging artists’ collectives and professional organizations that take progressive actions for emerging artists in their communities or whose mandate is to support emerging artists.

Through their initiatives, they improve the working conditions of emerging artists by helping them share resources, expertise and knowledge, supporting their integration into the workforce, improving their access to information and financial support, and proposing new organizational models dedicated to the creation, production or dissemination of art.


What is the prize?

This prize, accompanied by a $5,000 grant offered by the Caisse Desjardins de la Culture, is awarded at a gathering of Conseil partners at the Maison du Conseil (June 2022—date to be confirmed).

What do the partners contribute?

The Conseil manages the program: selecting the nominees, participating in the evaluation committee, and planning the award ceremony, in partnership with Caisse Desjardins de la Culture, which provides the $5,000 grant.


What are the general eligibility conditions?

Eligible applicants:

  • artists’ collectives
  • cooperative of emerging artists and cultural workers
  • service organization for artists
  • professional organization dedicated to emerging artists working in creation, production and dissemination
  • artists’ alliance and professional association


Status et conditions

  • be a non-profit organization or an artists’ cooperative that pays no dividends
  • be headquartered on the Island of Montréal
  • organizations for emerging artists must have been incorporated for less than seven years
  • les organismes de la relève doivent être incorporés depuis moins de sept ans
  • have the principal mandate to create, produce or distribute creative work in the arts, or to have fundamentally given itself the mission of bringing together or representing artists or cultural workers in a specific artistic discipline or multidisciplinary arts.


  • possess a level of recognized and demonstrable competence
  • be managed by qualified individuals
  • have stable artistic leadership
  • have presented activities of a recognized artistic quality
  • bring together, represent or employ professional artists and/or cultural workers

Artists’ collectives

Status et conditions

  • be a group of artists, regardless of number
  • be represented by a person responsible for the application
  • two thirds of its members must be artists with Canadian citizenship or permanent residence; the proportion of members of the collective residing outside Canada may not exceed one third
  • comprise a majority of artists (50% +1) who reside on the Island of Montréal, including the person responsible for the application
  • emerging artist collectives are those whose members are predominantly under 40 years of age.


  • comprise professional artists as defined by the Conseil

Members of the collective are those whose artistic functions have a direct impact on the group’s research, creation or production.

Ineligible applicants:

  • individual artists or cultural workers
  • organizations dedicated to teaching, education or professional training
  • public or para-public organizations representing governments or municipal corporations
  • for-profit organizations or businesses registered as a general partnership
  • creation and production projects
  • past recipients of the Prix de la relève Caisse Desjardins de la Culture are not eligible to apply
Are there any special eligibility conditions?
  • an arts organization or artists’ collective may only submit one application per year
  • artists’ collective consisting primarily of members of another artists’ collective or arts organization cannot submit more than one application

Questions about certain terms?

Consult our glossary


How can I submit an application?

Applicants must complete the application form available here

and submit it by midnight April XX, 2022 at the following address:

What information and documents must I include in my application?

The application must include:

  • the completed application form
  • curriculum vitaes (CVs) of the collective’s main members or the CVs of the members of the non-profit organization’s or the cooperative’s management
  • most recent financial statement of the organization
  • any other relevant documents: letter of support from an artist or professional organization, press kit, etc.


How are applications evaluated?

Applications are evaluated by a jury composed of an emerging artist or cultural worker, a person representing the winner from the previous year and a representative of the Conseil.

What are the evaluation criteria?

What are the evaluation criteria?

  • quality of the applicant’s initiatives
  • impact of the candidate’s actions on emerging artists
  • efforts to improve the visibility of emerging artists
  • relevance of actions and mandate
  • ability to engage the arts community
  • recognition of the applicant by the arts community and the public
  • quality of management
  • impact on the integration of emerging artists into professional arts communities
  • impact on the professionalization of artists


How will the grant be paid?

The grant offered by the Caisse Desjardins de la Culture is given at the awards ceremony.



By cashing the grant, the organization or the collective agrees to continue its activities dedicated to emerging artists.

Visibility Standards and Logos

Arts organizations, collectives or individual receiving grant from the Conseil must mention this funding in their information, promotional, or advertising material.

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