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Claude Beausoleil

Urban poet

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Square (Carré) St-Louis

3466 Rue Saint-Denis Montréal, QC H2X 3L3
The link between my suggestions is Montreal is a city of poems, you know. This sentence can serve as a leitmotiv. The idea is to entice the discovery of these public Montreal sites gorged with poetry and its history.


The incarnation of all that is romantic in poetic Montreal. The way the square looks like it is from another century. The architecture. The fountain. Most of all the monuments dedicated to Octave Crémazie (1827-1879) – first romantic poet – and to Emile Nelligan (1879-1941). A few steps away from the square, on Laval Street, Nelligan wrote his famous poems “Winter Evening”, “Song of Wine” and “The Golden Ship”. Gaston Miron lived on Square St-Louis a long time, where all Quebec poets met with books from l’Hexagone Publishing House, of which he was a founder. Also, across the square, ‘La Maison des écrivains’ was the home of filmmaker Claude Jutra. Ray Chamberlain, American translator of many Quebec authors, lived on the corner of Laval and the square. Pauline Julien and Gérald Godin lived on the Square. On the side of their house, one can read a poem by Michel Bujold, first poem on a wall in Montreal. Near there, on Prince-Arthur Street, the Brousse Publishing House has established itself. You can also find the Square Library. Square St-Louis is the poetic soul of Montreal. Its charm is deeply felt in all seasons.

Mont-Royal Metro Station

470, av. du Mont-Royal Est, H2J 1W4

For its urban romanticism. Its colorful live atmosphere welcomes transformation, celebration, commitment, novelty. A poem by Gérald Godin posted on a tall brick wall bears homage to immigrants and workers. It comes alive with libraries, bars, cafés, book stores, live musicians, restaurants… Each year, from end of May to beginning of June, the Poetry Festival and Market is held on the esplanade at the station’s exit. It is the most important festival of poetry in Quebec. Each year, 250 poets present their latest books. It is an essential tool to take the contemporary poetic pulse of the city. Lectures, shows, signatures. Live poetry, bursting with sparks. Debates, poetry reviews, news, each a meeting of poetic minds.It is the heart of Montreal that beats to new discoveries. All this in Montreal is a city of poems, you know…

Ahuntsic Park and Maison de la Culture

10555, rue La Jeunesse Montréal, QC H3L 2E5


In a country atmosphere, the Montreal International FestiBlues is adding, for its fifteenth anniversary, a “poetry/blues” part, to which I serve as artistic director. This year: poetic tribute to Bille Holiday, followed next year by a tribute to Louis Geoffroy, Quebec poet who dedicated a large part of his work to the Blues (Empire State Coca blues, Le Saint rouge et la pêcheresse…), then a tribute to Jack Kerouac in 2014. Readings, meetings, workshops, discussions. Summer atmosphere and freedom of poetry. From the 9th to the 12th of August 2012. Why not make a detour to the very poetic l’Ile de la Visitation, a well-kept secret favorable to leisure and daydreams. Take the opportunity to stop and read, contemplate and savor the atmosphere, enticing you to poetry and thought, as Montreal is a city of poems, you know…

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Roger Stéphane Blaise
Roger Stéphane Blaise SENT ON August 9 2012 AT 8:29 AM Parmi les roses qui se collent aux latrines lâches pour mieux épurer leur conduite, parmi les lointains châteaux versatiles qui laissent tomber leurs projets percés du haut de leur assommoir, parmi les appuis ornementés qui gargouillent entre deux gorgés de vin et les vérités qui se cachent derrière une mauvaise haleine, serait-il permis de designer un paysage qui serait inondé d'éclaircissement venant des mots qui sont à l’image de nos poètes d’ici?