The musts according to Nadine Gelly
Nadine Gelly

General Director
La Vitrine



2345, rue Jarry Est

I am particularly fond of La TOHU for its ecological mission, its integration in the urban scene and its extraordinary community involvement. I also like this performance venue for its very fine multifunctional theatre in the round, for its permanent exhibition so beautifully integrated in the theatre walls and for its always bold annual programming of the circus in all its forms (dance, music, theatre, etc.). This fall marks the tenth season of La TOHU, which was founded in 2004. Until September 29, a multidisciplinary exhibition about Voodoo and Creativity is on there, featuring some 50 photos, paintings, drawings, objects, videos and books – a fine opportunity to discover all the wealth and originality of the spiritual and religious world of Haiti.

Phtoto: Luce Tremblay Gaudette


4890, boul. St Laurent, Montréal

Both for its unusual location and its exceptional integration, which take us by surprise, it is worth discovering this playful and artistic mural that covers 1,500 square feet and was produced by ten artists from the emerging artists collective EN MASSE on August 15 and 16, 2011. The work was done to mark the launch of the 2011-2012 season of the theatre ESPACE GO and to transform the walls of the loading dock located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. It is a magnificent, contemporary and dynamic work arising from a unique partnership between MU and ESPACE GO and creating an opportunity to explore the links forged among the various artistic disciplines. Something for people to discover at the launch of the new season opening on September 17 with Villa Dolorosa, a contemporary drama written by Rebekka Kriecheldorf and directed by Martin Faucher.



During the hot days of summer, when the children are playing among the fountains, the thought that always comes to my mind is, “This is the Festival of Smiles, the most beautiful festival of all!” Inaugurated four years ago, this interactive fountain, with 235 jets, is the largest of its kind in Canada. The space, unique in the world, is dedicated to cultural activities and the holding of a vast array of festivals and artistic activities. It has become a must for visitors and Montrealers of all ages. Also, displayed at the corner of Clark and Sainte-Catherine are 27 photos of Sainte-Catherine Street taken by Gabor Szilasi in the 1970s. Until September 29, the pictures offer passers-by a journey through time.

Photo: Stephan Poulin

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