Actions and Consultation-Service for accessibility

In accordance with its strategic planning for 2018–2020, the Conseil des arts de Montréal wishes to identify, acknowledge and support inclusive practices that promote the involvement and engagement of artists, cultural professionals and under-represented, excluded or marginalized audiences.

It is  firmly committed to ensuring accessibility for all Montrealers and recognizes that individuals with visible and invisible disabilities and members of the Deaf community must have the same opportunities to access our programs and services as others do, in keeping with the dignity and autonomy of all individuals. 

To that end, the Conseil has carried out a number of actions actions, including:

  • Holding consultations with members of the arts community (artists, partners and funding providers)
  • Launching of a pilot program to support inclusive practices and a program to support informal performances by Montreal arts presenters
  • Providing training on subjects including universal accessibility
  • Creating the Support Fund for Accessibility Costs, which has funded 17 projects for a total of $42,765 since October 2020
  • Hiring an accessibility consultant and creatubg an advisory committee on accessibility and ableism
  • Providing an online Access Rider template

To achieve greater accessibility, the Conseil will continue to put forward various measures as part of a pilot project with a view to experimenting and finding the best ways to ensure the needs of everyone are met in an equitable fashion, particularly by providing specific funding to cover accessibility costs through a Support Fund for Accessibility Costs.

Call for applications in inclusives practices : Support for D/deaf artists and/or artists with disabilities

Are you an individual artist who is D/deaf1 or has a disability? Are you part of an artists’ collective or organization with at least one member who is D/deaf or has a disability? You may qualify for a financial grant to help you carry out an artistic project.

Accessibility costs refer to costs that certain individuals, specifically those who are members of the Deaf community or have a mental illness or a visible or invisible disability, must pay in order to benefit, in hte same way as others do, from the services and programs pffered by in institution or to create, produce or disseminate their art. Reimbursement of a portion of these costs be the Conseil des arts de Montréal is one way to offset the financial disadvantage resulting from norms that hinder access.

Definitions can be found in the Conseil des arts de Montréal Glossary.

The Support Fund for Accessibility Costs is a financial assistance measure that complements the Conseil’s other programs. The deadline to apply for support for accessibility costs is the same as for the program for which an application is filed.

An artist, collective or organization that has received financial assistance from the Conseil to carry out a project may also apply for support for accessibility costs up to three months after the response date for the funded project, provided that the project is not completed before the response deadline concerning support for accessibility costs.

The support fund for Accessibility Costs has three separate components: 

  • Financial support for filling a funding application
  • Financial support to cover accessibility costs for a projet funded by the Conseil
  • Financial support for presenting organizations welcoming audiences who are members of the Deaf community or have a mental illness or a visible or invisible disability.

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Access Rider

In a work context, access riders are helpful for everyone involved: the person can say what they need, and the venue/institution will know exactly how to provide support for them.

The Conseil des arts de Montréal provides a document that allows you to create your own access rider. Click here to download it.

We learn through adaptation, and we are always open to your feedback. Send us your suggestions.

For information or questions about the accessibility actions carried out by the Conseil, please contact:

Julien Valmary
Director of Grant Programs and Strategic Initiatives
Conseil des arts de Montréal
514 280-3585