Mission and actions

Founded in 1956, the Conseil des arts de Montréal identifies, supports and recognizes excellence and innovation in the creation, production and dissemination of the arts.

To remain in tune with the organizations and collectives it serves, the Conseil relies on its knowledge of the communities, its innovative skills, and its ability to bring the city’s artists and financial partners together.


Excellence: skills and expertise of its personnel; good governance
Boldness: openness to different approaches and to risk-taking
Creativity: ability to develop original initiatives and adapt to specific situations
Proximity: on-site presence for feedback and talent-spotting
Transparency: clarity and objectivity with regard to the evaluation criteria; rigorous decision-making processes; free circulation of information and decisions

We also invite you to consult the Governance and Regulations section of our website.

   The Council supports organizations at every stage of their development. 




The Conseil helps to fund and promote over 400 artistic companies and collectives. In so doing, it relies on the expertise and experience of some 60 artists, cultural workers and administrators who have volunteered to sit on its Evaluation Committees. Organizations and collectives may receive project grants or biennial/quadrennial operating grants.

The Conseil’s Touring Program, which schedules some 400 performances at over 100 venues, encourages greater risk-taking on the part of presenters. It allows artistic companies to increase their visibility by restaging previously produced works, thereby retaining their audiences and reaching new ones.

In collaboration with the various communities, the Conseil organizes research and creation residencies, which spark encounters between artists and the public. Over twenty residencies take place throughout the Island of Montreal.

Cultural diversity and emerging artists are central to the initiatives of the Conseil. For emerging artists, the Artère website provides tools and information. Various programs offer work experience, networking and training sessions, as well as funding to emerging or culturally diverse artists and cultural workers.

The Conseil recognizes artistic excellence, offering organizations nearly $100,000 in prizes and grants each year. In addition, it opens up its studios to artists at a minimal cost for purposes of creation and rehearsal. Finally, in its role as advisor, the Conseil offers the various communities some thirty workshops, networking events and training sessions every year.

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